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Shatttered Universe is a Minecraft Bedrock survival SMP with a blend of RPG and faction. The shatttered universe consists of 4 main clans. Set in the Land of the former planet Sulatria, players are granted bending abilities handed down to them by the Masters. Be part of a clan, learning secrets about your past, in hope that the shatttered universe can be whole once again.

Upon joining, players will choose their clan and clan roles. Players can choose to join either the Fire Nation, the Air Nomads, the Water Tribe or the Earth Kingdom. Joining specific clans will grant players a specific bending ability:

Fire Nation - fire resistance
Air Nomads - slow falling
Water Tribe - water breathing
Earth Kingdom - mining haste

There are also a variety of clan roles to choose from including BunnySoul, Cameleon, ShadowRunner, Tank, Warrior, Trader and many more. Clan roles can be activated to provide a secondary effect to the player.

Once clan and role has been chosen, players can travel to their defined clan area. There, they can use land claims to declare their chosen land piece.

The realm is set by a lore that follows the adventure of the player as they discover the past of how the world was created and how the present time is defined by current events.

Once the player is settled in their area, they can participate in realm events. There are multiple events that takes place throughout the realm which includes:

-Building Competitions: The realm holds a weekly building competition where a player is given a build prompt and description and players try to interpret that.
-Raids: Once a week, a warzone village gets filled with lots of loot and players try to fight over it.
-Clan Olympic: These are multiple events that runs simultaneously for a whole month. Some events in the clan olympic includes short build battles, banner making, obstacle courses, MOBA clan vs clan and PvP battles.

There are also a variety of features that enhances the players' gameplay including:

-Supply Drop: Every few hours, a supply drop can be obtained in the Supply Zone. Supply drops contained a variety of loot including crate keys.
-Crates: There are four levels of crates in the realm; supply drop crate, giveaway crate, events crate and donator crate. Each crate contains increasing quality of loot.
-Automated Shop: The realm uses an automated shop which sells building blocks, farming tools, dyes and miscellaneous items.
-Lootboxes: These are boxes that contain specific items depending on what type of loot box it is. There are currently 7 lootboxes which are Redstone, Farming, Enchanting, Potion-Making, Mapping, Building, Armoury.
-Selling Pods: Players can sell some uncommon items to earn realm Points. These items include honeycombs, ghast tears, rabbit's foot and heart of the sea.
-Mob Arena: There are two type of mob arena available; hostile and passive. The hostile mob arena contains 10 waves of hostile mobs that player can PvE to get xp and mob drops. The passive arena is where players can farm passive mobs including cows, pigs and sheep.

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