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Europa Skyblock

Have you been looking for a skyblock realm for Minecraft Bedrock Edition? You have come to the right place my friend. Introducing the all new Europa Skyblock! Join and you will fulfill your skyblock experience. Now is your time!

What it includes:

1. We are the only realm with a fully working island generator! You can generate your own island that is 100% protected from other players. You can also generate team islands with friends!

2. Fully working Quest System. You can complete quests for loot and rewards

3. Fully working Donation System. Donators get special in game items and perks:

- Island Fly (Ability to fly on your island)

- V.I.P. Island. (3x the size of regular free islands)

- OP armor and tools

4. This server is created by builders and commanders who have years of expertise on building for servers

5. Warzone to fulfill your PvP experience!

6. Fully working event system. You can participate in events to make money and win rewards! There is an event every 20 minutes:

- KOTH (King of the Hill)

- Supply Drop

- Lucky Blocks

- Parkour

7. Do you like grinding? Good! You can sell your items to become the richest and most powerful player on the realm

8. Team Islands! You can team up with your friends to make an island together! So start inviting your friends!

9. There is much more to see! Come join!

Join here:


You MUST join the discord to get access to the realm code

Europa Network Discord:

Europa skyblock is only one of our realms. Join our discord to join our other realms such as Factions/Survival, Prisons, Modded Survival, and Kit PVP!! We will also be hosting weekly giveaways on our discord so don't miss out!

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