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SpaceNation Needs Your Help!

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created 10/21/2019 9:05 pm by SpaceNation history
Before I explain things about why you should join SoaceNation join the discord server.

Ok so now about why you should apply for staff/join SpaceNation
1. We need Beta Testers.

2. We need staff that WILL be active.

3. We need builders.
4. We need people that know about plugins.

now for the things that make SpaceNation Unique.

2. We have a very unique Kit PvP map arena. (why we need testers and builders so we can make it better)
3. We have unique plugins. (Why we need the plugin people.)
4. We have a unique spawn. (Why we need builders to verify if it’s good enough)

Dont want to become staff on SpaceNation?

well then join the server and have FUN!

Dm me on Discord if your interested.

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