[Cracked] 24/7 [1.3.2] [NO-Hamachi] IP: Blankcraft.hopto.org

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by Cloaker » 8/22/2012

Welcome to Blankcraft!

IP: Blankcraft.hopto.org

-Inventory Explorer
-World Edit
-Lagg Clear
-Colored Signs
-Wireless Redstone
-Battle Night
-World Guard
-Nuke Now
-World Saver
-Zav Auto Messager
-No Cheat
-False Book Core
-Anti cheat
-False Book Chart
-False Book Chat
-Essentials XMPP
-Essentials Protect
-False Book Block
-Essentials Spawn
-Multiverse Inventories
-Essentials GeoIP
-Log Block
-False Book IC
-Essentials Chat
-False Book Extra

- No griefing
- No stealing
- No killing players constantly
- Can't place/use TNT or LAVA!
- Listen to the Admins/mods (Or consecuences Will apply)
- No Hacking
- To get to spawn type: /warp spawn
- To get to shops type: /warp shop
- Stay out of eachothers way
- Be Respectful
- No Begging for items
- Don't do drugs
- Wait 10 mins after another player joins to KILL HIM :)
- No Begging for ranks
- Don't build Pixel art in the survival world
- You MAY get ranked up by following the rules

Blank craft is an old server that has been redone! We are looking for more players, Just like you! We have a large staff, That will help you along your journey to concer the server! So Good luck! (You'll need it!

For more information go to the Server website:
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by Cloaker » 8/24/2012

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