Brand New Tekkit Server (Cracked)

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by a2nknight » 8/19/2012

New Tekkit Server now open!!! Non Premium Users. Only 20 Slots Available so come on in ASAP!

Hamachi ID: aTekkitServer , aTekkitServer1 , aTekkitServer2 , aTekkitServer3
Pass: 123

Server Status: Online

In order to join my server u must have the Technic Launcher. If you are a premium user then download the launcher @ If you want the cracked launcher download here @

After Downloading it, run the launcher. Before logging in click the options button. Click on Manual Build Selection and select the Latest Recommended Build. Click OK and there u have it. You can now join my server! ENJOY!
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by Phoenix183 » 9/4/2012

It won't let me join hamachi
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