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by OrangeLava9 » 4/19/2017


So I want to start a build team but I'm not sure where to start.
We will be building for free and for the fun of it, so this is if you just want some team building experiences.
1. Skype Yes or No, if yes name please.
2. At least TWO CLEAR pictures of your builds.
3.What you specialize in.
4. Discord Yes or No, if yes please name and #.
6.How long you have been building.
7.Why you want to join.
8.What makes you stand out!
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by Steve_vs_Notch » 4/22/2017

1. Yes, but won't work gimme yours.
3. Terrain, and detial
4. Discord Yes XX_XX_XX_XX_XX#1376
5.Age. 13
6.How long you have been building, about 3 years
7.Why you want to join, I would like to join because I know I have a skill and I would love to build with others and make cool things!
8.What makes you stand out!- Well my detail in things an also how i do terraining!
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by Crunchysnack » 4/22/2017

1. Yes, same as above, it won't work.
3. Mainly just building
4. No, but I can make one
5. 15
6. around a year
7. I want to join because solo building is a lot of work, and time consuming. Plus, its boring without building with others.
8. I am a great team collaborator and can do many diverse tasks.
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