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by ChewwyWafflez » 4/21/2017

My name is ChewwyWafflez, and I own a Network. It has 8 servers all together, and we are looking for builders, and staff to help us out! We are looking for builders that have experience, and staff that have experience! We need all types of builders, helpers, moderators, administrators, developers, web designers, graphic designers and much more!

We have a Discord! Join here with this code! "r5WuNjn" Don't know how to join? Click the "+" button on the left hand side, and it will say, "Create Server" or "Join Server". Click "Join Server" and enter the code above. If you don't have an account, please make one! :)

When you join, please tell us what rank/position you are trying to apply for, and we'll give you an application bassed on what your applying for. Please fill out your application with a lot of information, or you may be denied!

Hope you want to help us! =)
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by Galaxxyy_ » 4/21/2017

Hello I am willing to be builder on your server i have lots of experience in building.
What is the IP?
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