CellCraft Tekkit 3.1.2 Server [Factions/Skylands/Creative]

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by blackcell1 » 10/24/2012

Cellcraft Tekkit Server

a rather new server, iv just started hosting a 20 slot tekkit server, so im currently looking for new members who enjoy playing tekkit, and haven't really forgotten how to play minecraft, im currently running a hardcore survival, and a skylands creative world.


- worldguard/worldedit
- Coreprotect
- Multiverse
- mobarena
- factions
- lwc
- Essentials

Banned items/Blocked Mods
- Energy Collector III
- Buildcraft Pipes
- Railcraft
- RM Tools
- World Anchor
- any explosive item (any of the tnts)
- most of the rings
- Destruction Catalyst/Mining Laser
- Quarrys
- Nether

there's no white list or application so you should be able to join and build right away
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