Changing Biomes with World Edit! HELP!

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by Eratheon » 4/28/2012

Hey everyone!

I am trying to make an area of my map into one biome and I've installed SPC (Single Player Commands) - it came with World Edit.

One world edit command available was: "//setbiome"

Once I typed "//setbiome plains" I get this message:

"Too few arguments
//setbiome [-p] <biome>

Set the biome of the region.
By default use all the blocks contained in your selection.
-p use the block you are currently in."

I'm not sure what to do! Can anyone please help!

Thanks a lot!
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by farmerboyk » 9/7/2012

your gonna wanna use your //wand and select what location you wanna change the biome of, then say //setbiome plains. its glitchy with me, I had to set it to desert then plains before it actually changed, but still only changed to desert. :|
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by bryce0110 » 10/1/2012

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