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✕ Artist For Hire ✕

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created 09/01/2019 8:05 pm by _roses__ history
last reply 11/12/2019 12:54 pm
Are you looking for an artist for your server, youtube channel, discord server, etc? Well look no further!

I work for free! Yes, I know how sketchy this can sound, but please trust me. I don't work for money because 1. I don't have PayPal 2. Most people I've met just don't want to pay for art?? So I've just given up on trying.
You should also note that I am working on a comic and I have school, so I will not be able to dedicate all of my time to your project, but if you give me the deadlines I will be able to get your requests done.

If you're interested, please hmu on discord or PM me here for art examples and more information (if needed). ( discord user and tag : ✕ roger's car ✕#7705 )
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1 reply

11/12/2019 12:54 pm
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is that the right discord?

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