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Hunger Games Sky! Beta Test! NEED YOUR FEEDBACK!

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created 06/07/2012 1:21 am by xenocides
LINK TO THE PROJECT HERE: ... ncomplete/

The Map is not 100% complete this is only a small beta of the map comming soon. I wanted to get peoples opinion on the map and give you guys a feel of how the game play of this map will be like. I also wanted to see what things I could improve by giving this map to you guys to play on then get feed back on how to make it better. Once again THIS MAP IS NOT COMPLETE! I'm still working on it but I need to see how the game play will work out. If you would like please Record yourself, or you and some friends playing this map and please send it to me so I can see what things I can improve to make this better. You are allowed to record or promote this map all you like just please give credit where credit is do. Just simply post my PlanetMinecraft account somewhere on the video or in the descrip. or post a link to my youtube.


Please give it a try and tell me where things need to be improved at, or what you'd like to see added! thank you so much to everyone that has supported all my projects/videos/etc you all are just amazing as heck =]

Rules of The Survival Games Sky:

◦Only one player can win The Survival Games.
◦You can not break any blocks, expect for leaves and mushrooms.
◦You are only allowed to place blocks you find in chests.
◦Your inventory must be empty before you start the game.

Rules for the host of The Survival Games Sky:

◦Once you hit the Start clock you can't restart it so have everyone ready
◦The host is allowed to add any weapons or food he/she want at any time in the center chests, after the second day has passed.
◦The host is allowed to spawn zombies or skeletons after the second day has passed (Don't Spawn Creepers).
◦If a player for some reason is stuck a hole or falls off the map by being pushed by another host, the host is allowed to tp the player out, or allow that player to rejoin the games. IMPORTANT* ONLY IF A HOST PUSHES A PLAYER OFF.

Before the games start, all the participants must choose one holding cell around the center. This is their starting position. When the host is ready to start the games, she/he will click the button and the clock will start. After 10 seconds you'll be pushed up and the match begins!

Players able 1/16 +1

First to send me a video of them playing this I'll make it the Project youtube video: until this map it completed! happy Minecrafting!
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