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Looking for Artists/Animators to help on a Fan Animation Project

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created 01/22/2019 2:17 pm by oliversherlock
last reply 01/24/2019 6:21 am
Hi everyone,

I'm looking for artists and animators to join myself and a couple others producing a fan animation project for Hat Films, part of The Yogscast. It doesn't matter if you're not a fan, or even if you've never heard of them, we just need help finishing the project!

The project is an animated fan music video, of which 90% is completed. We started before Christmas and have completed most of the animation, however progress has slowed with everyone back to work so we're asking for others to come help. Anyone that helps will be fully credited and those involved can use the work in portfolios, etc!

We're looking for artists/animators who can mimic the style of our lead artist (Art work/Progress can be shown via Private Messages) - I will add that you don't need to be an animator to be involved as we have a number of still images that need to be completed. The style is a mixture of 2D animation over 3D cel shade backgrounds and all of the previous team members are University Animation Graduates - I'll post a Screenshot below.

Preview Image

All background art work is completed, we have 2 short (three second) 2D animated scenes remaining and roughly 10 still 2D images - Written descriptions are prepared for both the animated scenes and stills, the art just needs to be completed as close to our style as possible.

We're painfully close to finishing the project, we'd love to get it done and hopefully some of you can help! If you're interested, and would like to know more, please feel free to message me and I'll be happy to discuss the project with you :)

If you're unable to help, I'd be very grateful if you could please up vote so other people can see the post!

Thank you,


TLDR: Looking for Artists to help on an animated project, DM for more info!

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01/24/2019 6:21 am
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Thanks youo

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