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make an assassins creed III story [join in at any time]

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created 06/17/2012 10:52 am by loudram
this story be based off assassins creed III. even though it hasn't come out yet, i thought it would be fun to make are own story. in case you didn't know, then assassins creed III takes place in the civil war, (if that's correct) were you are an assassin who roams around the battlefield under the command of George Washington trying to kill and defeat the bloody British.

so lets work off of this:

Connor was jumping swiftly from tree to tree. he knew, that war was coming, and that when it would, General Washington would call for his help. George knew Connor was key to winning the war, and that made Connor nervous, for he knew that he would be the front line of defense. then, it happened. Connor heard stomping. he looked down the road and saw lines of troops quickly coming towards him. they were the British. Connor knew he had to...
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