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A_Weird_Creeper1 started 8/2/16 10:38 pm
TentorIV replied 8/3/2016 5:39 pm

I was trying out some skin art on GIMP for a new profile picture and I am pretty happy of how it turned out

I first though that I would make the drawing of my skin and later do the background in another file, then copy and paste the character later on the background. The problem is... that im stuck! I don't know what to put in the background, and i'd like something original but I have noo idea what :/

What do you think I should do as the background??
And do you have any idea on how I could improve my drawing??
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08/03/2016 5:39 pm
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I really like this, and even though I am no artist myself, I would like to point out the pros and cons.


Colouring and shading are nice, you've matched them well and they fit nicely together.
You've nailed the hair and how physics actually works. I hope that makes sense.

The neck seems to be overshaded. Maybe reduce the shadow on the rim of the shirt slightly, slim it out a bit.
Everything seems very sharp, curving the hands more, or even adding the details of fingers would greatly improve that a lot.

Now, the background. I'd personally say leave it how it is, you'd be surprised at how well it works. Good job on the art!
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