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Voidrealms Server review.

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created 03/21/2019 6:15 pm by Demon_Wolf_Fang
I know I'm not a server reviewer. But when a MineCraft server gets messed up I believe it has to be dealt with In my opinion. Voidrealms, once a very loving Minecraft server kinda turned to hell. First off, the staff. Only a little bit of the staff are nice and sweet. They would actually, help you. Other staff either don't give a damn or don't see anything happening to 'offensive' in chat to be considered rule-breaking. One staff accused me of being a f**kboy. Which I found just completely messed up! Even for an artist rank. Staff leaking private messages only meant for staff to know of, and not really anybody else. I was a ex-staff member on that server. They really..didn't treat me nice. Some staff are considered to be a bit sexual towards a tiny bit of the female staff members. By that, I mean only one, staff member.   There is, a new owner on that server. The last one (original owner) was absolutely amazing in my opinion, the new one is decent...she's nice and helpful.  I was banned from the server, for supposed 'DDOS' threats. I never did, threaten the server. Other reasons are for 'Staff Manipulation' when it isn't my job to tell when people have been warned or not because well, how the hell can I tell? They removed the ban list, and all warns/mutes/bans are silent so we can't really tell!   Excessive cursing. I find this one funny. more people on the server had swear 10 times worst then me. And I find it funny I also 'made fun of people' when they've broke rules or made me mad. And they really never had anything done to them.  Discord: They posted my ban on discord, not to talk to me or anything. Completely humiliating. Even some people found it messed up, When other people have done worse damage to the server then I have. Honestly, in my own opinion. If this happens to you, just leave.
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