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Developers and Staff needed

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created 01/26/2019 12:54 am by GamezMatter
last reply 01/26/2019 1:14 am
GamezMatter Community is in need of developers and staff

We are looking for gamers of all talents. From people who can be our bloggers for the game news to developers. As of right now, our main focus is looking for people who are skilled in graphic design talent but mainly programming knowledge in game or web development in python, javascript, java, and/or C++. Really we are looking for anyone that can help make us a reality. Our main focus is getting Hytale Empire up and running due to the newness of the game, the foundations of the server are confirmed to be written in Java with the interactions in the game most likely using Javascript. Due to the rules on Planet Minecraft, I cannot discuss the full details and what this community is but if you're interested in joining our new gaming startup and want the full details please contact me here.

Reach me on discord at GamezMatter#2000 or join our server here

Also, you can reach me with my email [email protected]
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01/26/2019 1:14 am
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good luck!

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