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created 12/09/2013 12:45 am by TechnoFuzzy

DiviniusPvP contains many plugins to make your raiding and pvp experience even better than normal!
We have the following plugins:
- Factions [No Chest Protection!]
- WorldBorder [10k in normal world]
- InstantSoup [Heals 3.5 hearts]
- floAuction
- PvPTimer [10 minutes for new users! You can disable this.]
- Buycraft [Use /buy or go to to donate!]
- CombatLog [Kills users who log out in pvp!]
- PlayerHeads [Chance of receiving a player's head as a trophy for killing them!]
- EnderPearlCoolDown [Prevents glitchers from getting in your base with enderpearls!]
- NoCheatPlus
- McMMO [Level up your skills!]
- ChestFix [Prevents freecammers from accessing your chests through walls!
- SilkSpawners [Mine spawners with silk touch! Donator perk!]
- ObsidianDestroyer [Blow up obsidian with 3 hits of TNT!]
- and More!
Additional Details
DiviniusPvP is a hardcore faction pvp server that revolves around 3 aspects: pvp, raiding and building factions. There is no chest protection to enhance raiding along with a 10k WorldBorder! Join now!
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