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created 12/09/2018 7:10 am by SpideyBoi
last reply 12/09/2018 3:32 pm
A-P: Anti-Piracy
A: Agency of
MC: Minecraft
Welcome to the Anti-Piracy Agency of Minecraft! Here, we discuss possible pirates. Before you ask, the 'Golden Age' (17th and 18th century) pirates killed people, raided ships and sometimes stole them, and it was extremely rare for pirates to make people 'walk the plank'. Nowadays, pirates are more neutral, and although they still steal ships, don't just think pirates nowadays still don't use modern equipment. They do. They often use rocket launchers, AK-47s, and even GPS! Minecraft pirates aren't being punished for their crimes, so A-P.A.M. is here now. This group is like Infinityverse, but it's more serious. There are Ranks, like Infinityverse, too. It's also got Classes, like PMC itself, though. Oh, and pets:

Honey Badger
EnforcerGuard, Specialist, Heavy, CamoDoge, American Badger
ScorchCaptain, Lieutenant, Specialist, Sniper, HeavySWAT Dog
Bravo TeamCaptain, Sniper, Heavy, BasicPolice Dog
Alpha TeamCaptain, Sniper, Heavy, BasicGuard Dog
Omega TeamCaptain, Sniper, Heavy, Camo, BasicChameleon
EngineerBoss, Grunt, TechieDog
RookieSniper, Heavy, Camo, BasicPuppy
NewbieSniper, Heavy, Camo, BasicSlug

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Before you ask 'Answer to quiz? What?', here's the quiz:
Who was Blackbeard?
What is piracy?
How often did pirates make people 'plank' (walk the plank)
Why do people need defence against piracy?
How many pirates used skull-and-crossbones on their flag?

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Level 15 : Journeyman Dragonborn

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12/09/2018 3:23 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Dragonborn
Username: SpideyBoi
Interests: Dragon Mania Legends
Hobbies: Clinging to brother's leg (I can't help it, it warm! :D), playing Dragon Mania Legends, making Minecraft skins
Job: None
Answer to quiz: 1. Blackbeard was the most feared pirate of the 18th century, and had a black beard, hence his nickname. His real name was Edward Teach, or Edward Thatch. Despite being cunning and intelligent, he was tricked and killed by Robert Maynard in 1718. 2. Piracy is the act of stealing precious items or info. It often means the act of stealing precious items and loot from ships when referring to pirates. 3. It was extremely rare. Pirates preferred not to kill people, if they killed all the crew of a ship then the next time they looted a ship the sailors would fight to the death, which would be an awful lot of work for the pirates, who preferred to throw the sailors overboard. 4. If people do not have protection against piracy, precious info and items would be stolen, and people wouldn't be able to have boats or sell items. 5. The 'Jolly Roger' flag, -the skull-and-crossbones- was used by only a few pirates, in the 17th century, and originated from 'jolie rouge', French for 'pretty red'. Pirates more commonly made their own flag designs to identify themselves to friends and foes.
12/09/2018 3:27 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Dragonborn
Security Clearance given: Level 23
Yes No
Codename Given: Badger 9

Pet Received: honey badger




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