I had this idea, and wanted to share it with other builders!

Saracalia4/24/15 4:22 am
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4/24/2015 6:46 am
And I might use my project for this example.

I have my city project here
http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/ ... y-project/

And then I had someone telling me to add cares to it, which seems like a good way of doing it, but I don't want to go to the hassle of building cars or just copy and pasting.

Already this project has RTM, FRSM, Mr Crayfish Furniture Mod and Malisis Doors, so what I was thinking of doing was also adding Flans to this project, with vehicles?

Any thoughts about this idea?
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04/24/2015 6:07 am
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I really think you should add the cars from Flan's Mod since they add more to that city(ish) feel. This is just my thought though.
04/24/2015 6:46 am
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Well, that is what I am thinking of doing. Adding cars from Flans Mod to use in my city project. But as for the current stats of my city, I need to widen the lanes to 3 blocks, where currently it is 2, and I will have to create schematics of all the towers in it so far, to place back in this city so I can re-add everything with the new roads.

Plus then a lot of the mod creators in Flans won't allow people to edit the textures of there mods, which is a real shame, but I guess we all gotta make do with what we can do.
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