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AmyOak started 09/24/2020 8:42 am
ElectrifiedAvian replied 09/24/2020 9:51 am
A while ago when I had a little more time on my hands I started a lot of commission work, I've put that on hold because I've not had so much time anymore. one of the commissions I did was for War-Chronicles or @enderdragonminecraft on Instagram, they need a spawn area about 500 x 500 blocks I would love to help them out but as I said I no longer have the time so they're looking for someone with a similar build style to me, so message them on Instagram with your typical prices for a build like that and some pictures of similar builds

Here is the post I made about the builds I already did: here

and here is a post they made: here

Here are some pictures of the builds I made for them so you can see what type of style they're looking for...

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09/24/2020 9:51 am
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