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[WIP] Tangerine's Paradise - faction / adventure map

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created 12/04/2014 1:12 pm by D C
last reply 12/06/2014 9:06 am

Hey everyone! My first post here, also my first ever map.

"Tangerine's Paradise" is a map that will fit perfectly for a factions server (or for a server to play with friends just for fun, to pick your own place in the world and build, maybe even explore the marked areas). It is 10 000 by 10 000 and there are a variety of different, pretty large biomes and some little adventures/puzzles/custom places.

Some adventure map components are incorporated into Tangerine's Paradise as well so it's not just a plain world. The "goal" that people could potentially aim for is to recreate the end portal and slay the End Dragon (it has some pieces missing) while casually building their own towns/villages. The unfinished portal and its missing pieces are somewhere on the map (not saying where, it's a secret until you discover for yourself!). The eyes of ender wont point to the right direction, they will lead to dungeons beyond the boundaries of the custom world so don't bother trying with them. The only way to find the end portal is to explore using the image map I've put together.
There are also other "mini games" and "adventures" around the world for people to go to and maybe even collect goodies if they succeed!

The downside is that there are no default buildings like villages, dungeons, desert pyramids, etc., as it was all created with World Painter and it was just impossible to add these as well (but as I said, there is custom made stuff).
Something else to consider is that the leaves of custom made trees wont self-destruct after the logs around them are gone. To avoid that inconvenience, just plant your own trees and harvest them for wood as it will be much easier.

Here is the completed image map of the actual world. The coordinates match (99% accurate) so if you want to go somewhere you can work out where in the world that particular place is located.


The map is now finished and I am trying to find somewhere to upload it to, because it's ~4gbs.

Here are some images captures from the world:


Hope you enjoy it. I will post a link for downloading as soon as possible!

((EDITED: I've edited the post since I first made it, had to change some stuff around to make the information about the map a bit clearer))
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12/06/2014 9:06 am
Level 25 : Expert Crafter

I've added some stuff to the original post. Please re-read it as it describes the map a lot better. Download link coming soon as well!

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