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Looking for 2D/3D Resource Pack Artist/Modeler

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created 02/14/2020 11:53 pm by melsha
Hello everyone,

I am looking for a high quality 2D + 3D Resource Pack Artist / Modeler, version 1.14+ primarily. The itself content will be pretty random, as it is for YouTube content. I manage the production of custom content for 2 of the biggest Minecraft YouTube channels, and we need all of the custom content we can get!

Budget: $1,000-3,000/mo (based heavily on the amount and quality of work being done, as well as deadlines)
Deadline: Always negotiated on a per-project basis. You will give your own deadlines based on how hard you believe it will be, the importance is sticking to them.
Amount: N/A
Theme: Cool / click-bait-e / Detailed / YouTube / Random / Other
Textures Needed: N/A


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