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Command Blocks and Redstone are different things

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created 06/28/2019 3:56 pm by alexdapineapple
last reply 07/05/2019 3:09 pm
I don't want to get too ranty here, but I came here today looking for some posts about redstone (cuz redstone is awesome) and it seems like the majority of threads are about command block problems and such. Command blocks are not redstone.

1. They can only be obtained in Creative. At least in my opinion, this makes it in the category I call "Debug Blocks", which puts it in the same category as barriers, structure blocks, locked chests, etc.

2. Their function is to run chat commands. What does this have to do with redstone again? To be perfectly honest the only redstone related thing here is the fact it can be powered by redstone. Need I mention CAN? It can also be set to not need redstone at all. Name a redstone component that doesn't need to be powered that isn't a power source.

Now since I would like to have an actual discussion here, I included a poll. This poll asks if you would consider Command Blocks to be redstone.

So answer it. Do you think command blocks are Redstone?
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1 reply

07/05/2019 3:09 pm
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Well theres no forum section on command blocks so redstone is the closest section for command block questions.

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