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Due to the revived nature of the forums I'm going to re-do this landing page instead of having a bunch of striked out text.

This Roleplay changes subjects a lot, its acceptable to make drastic changes so long as they fit the scenario. On that note, you can also mention things from earlier states. if you mention something, be sure you are up to date on all the posts after it. (There were some points where magic happened and things were destroyed or memories wiped)

Before making a post please make sure you are up to date on the conversation (usually only the last 1 or two pages is needed)

And most importantly, Have Fun!

Note: DoomDestroyer and Rupert are basically the owners of this thread as I'm not very active. To them: PM me if you want to add a rule or if I missed something.
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"rupert"She shrank to a third of the size she had been, back to the size she was when she took Jason to the Dwarves.
"No," She said, "There never was an itch. I was concerned that there would by spying spells in it." She paused. "It is still my responsibility to protect you, so will come with you, unless it becomes... unfavorable."

Jason sighs. "Fine. I mean you really don't have any responsibility over me. You are free to choose. I also wouldn't blame you since at least one army or the other offers you protection while I can barely protect myself."




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