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Doing RP story for Free if u cant think of one!

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created 04/27/2013 10:49 am by patriotS9822
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Free Roleplay Story
I love making roleplay story and love to make one for you for free. Here is one of my roleplay story just message me if you want me to make one give me at least a day thanks! Also some parts are not finished because the server had not opened yet.

It had just seemed like minutes ago I was sailing the seas of Toria on
a mission to find new land and leave the world that I had cursed and
was banished for doing so. The land I was looking for was nonless past
the frozen land of the north. I was seeking for land that no torian
would find. Land that I was looking for also did not accept me. For
the land I was on no man had step foot on. I had ran out of all supplies
and food and was now calling on apon the torian gods to save me. Weather
or not they heard me or not something did happened whiched saved my life and
would start a new one.

For a strong wind came from the west and brought in massive clouds. Clouds
that I had seen before in a dream. For these were clouds that were not
just any cloud but a massive wall cloud that could not be broke. A storm
that only could be made by the one and only torian god. The storm had
hit faster than I had thought it would. Shelter was gone and the only
thing I had was my light on which had been burning my whole jouney.
For I have never had I light burn so long and bright. That night it went
out during the blizzard for that was my only source of heat. For I dont
know what happened that night only the gods do. But what happened when
I woke up answered all my questions.

For I hade been frozened that night in my sleep. Frozen right in the
mountain itself. For when my light went out i must of froze but how am
I now still alive and un frozen?? But wait my light, yes my light for
it was burning right in front of me but how and why?? I could of not done
it only man or yes, yes a god lighted agian once more. For then when I had relized
this the mountains I was in for they had changed. only years of
wind and snow could of done this. For that I when I heard the voice of a fellow man.
For it had been so long since ive heard voice from man kind it self. The voice was close very close just over mountain so I ran with all my strength to the top and find him. For he was a torian yes a torian in the place that no man had laid eyes on. I called upon him "for were am I??" "For you are in the misty mountains itself old man!" That is when I noticed the man for I had seen this man before yes in a dream I had while had was frozen for i had forgot about it!! I was to follow and help this man for the gods have given me a new chance and a new life in a new toria! For I could start fresh and make my name know though out Toria!
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04/27/2013 10:51 am
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Please move this to another thread...

Our thread have had enough of what I like to call "spam threads"

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