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Legends of Esper - Roleplay

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created 01/10/2018 5:20 pm by Legends of Esper
last reply 04/15/2018 12:43 pm

-- Legends of Esper

Esper is an upcoming Custom Role-playing minecraft server. Complete with it's own massive 20,000x17,000 custom map built by an expert over the course of months. We're in the late development phase, and we're looking to create a roleplay community here on planetminecraft.

-- Lore

Of Men and Elves.
Races to the world.

Begone. Ifreets. Begone. Lishens and Strigois. This book is not of you. Return under your rock.

Gaw hark disś hærta.
“Flee what is not your heart.”


You sing to the sun, for you have no other to chant to.”

Above all, men, like I, and most likely you, reader, are a most twisted, broken race. We have left our animal counterparts, we abandoned them. But to who’s will I cannot say.

Be it our own, or by that of a long forgotten god.
You live in hovels, settlements of wood and straw, poor as the dirt in which you enslave the soil to grow your crops. Have we truly fallen so low? Can we not even rely on what life exists, can we not hunt like our ancestors did? Must we rely on the very crust, the land on which we were born.

And then we war.
Since the very day we opened our eyes, even before the first sword of bronze had even cooled from the forge.
We are a fallen folk.
Even animals have more dignity than us.
They quarrel for survival, not for coin.
King Aabrek of Reyn, Remembered Be He, Light Be He had no remorse, burning and sacking the tribes Frenkar point, meaningless writs and announcements being made to “support” the war, scapegoats.
But only was it for gold.
A shining yellow rock.
How far has man fallen?


“Broken, unchained, feared”

If the elves have fallen, it was not by their fault.
Many ruins of old rot in the forests, hills and mountains these forms inhabit, the cause of their downfall is unknown, leaving place to speculation. But these ruins do prove one thing.
They were there before us.

Elves, Alfs, whatever you name them. And if you think them to be wise, peaceful folk that live in trees and great cities
You are weak
You are a fool
And you will die and be forgotten like the rest.
Elves, the Folk of Elder, they are savage, war mongering, tribal things.
They live in clans, or rather small bands, fighting each other for little reason.
Madness and reason has fled their minds.
Heed me, do not cross their land, do not cross the markers they place, bones and shrines covered in blood, for they usually do attack trespassers.
In most cases, when tribes war themselves, a wounded elf will be healed and run back straight to the fray.

They live in tents of hide, under old forgotten barrows and in other small, similar things.
They are usually the size of a man, their body mass usually slightly weaker than that of any man, but they are still brutal, unforgetting, hard headed things. Usually distinguishable by the body paintings their Volkhv’s draw, and with that, their long, pointed ears, as well as the beard they wear so proudly. For it is custom to them to grow and keep beards, neither do they have anything to shave with, usually brandishing old, rotting weapons they steal or find. Some are slightly hunched, with arms slightly longer than that of a man, their tongues are a pure, wine red, the rib cages of most are visible, from lack of proper nourishment, as hunts are not always successful.
Some are even said to be born with sharp teeth, although nothing can be made certain, many a man states they simply file them.

These are the elves.And they do not feast on coin.

Read the whole story here

-- Roleplaying

Here's how you can get involved!

Tell us about your character! The character you plan on playing when the server releases. Tell us about their childhood, the troubles they went through, the challenges they faced.

Here's the suggested format, but by all means feel free to write away with or without it!



Want to get involved in other ways? Check out some of our recent posts!
Otherwise, feel free to apply for a staff position,



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Legends of Esper
Level 14 : Journeyman Network

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04/15/2018 1:01 am
Level 1 New Miner
Name: Richard Cypher
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Race: Man
Backstory: Before Richard was born, there were 3 lands, separated by 2 boundaries, those being Westland, where Richard resides, the Midlands, where the dark ruler Panis Rahl rules with an iron fist, striking down those who stand in his way, and the underworld, the area between Westland and the Midlands. Shortly before being born, Richards Grandfather, Zeddicus Zu'ul Zorander, the great wizard, took his daughter through the boundary and the underworld to Westland, in order to protect his daughter after she was raped by Panis Rahl's son, Darken Rahl. The great wizard hides his identity calling himself a cloudreader, allowing his family to stay stafe. *Flash forward 21 years after Richard's birth* Richard is now 21, his father George Cypher, is an adventurer who enjoys nothing more than exploring and finding new and wondrous trinkets to bring home. His mother, Denna, was killed in a fire started by a man who is deeply enraged by his father after believing Richard's father shorted him on gold. Richard comes home one day to find his fathers home torn apart, as though someone had been searching for something, he then stumbles upon his fathers body, with a large gash in his stomach with a small hook at the end of the gash, with his entrails spilling onto the ground in front of him. Richard is torn apart, however, a woods guide by heart, and a "seeker of truth" he sets out to find whoever or whatever did this to his father. He stumbles across a beautiful woman known by the name Kahlan Amnell, and shortly sees she is being followed by 4 dangerous men, he cuts her off on the trail she is running on and helps her, and unkowingly witnesses her magic, that of a confessor. *flash forward 2 weeks.* kahlan and richard have found Zedd, as he is known by richard, and zedd has named richard the "seeker" which with the title comes the sword of truth, a very powerful weapon whose magic feeds off of the anger of its wielder, richard, kahlan, and zedd, set off to find the boundary, and pray they can find whatever killed richards father, and defeat it.
04/15/2018 12:43 pm
Level 14 Journeyman Network
Legends of Esper
I see you put a lot of work into it. I like it!
04/07/2018 5:25 pm
Level 1 New Crafter
Before I create my character, I was wondering whether the animals would be the same as real life animals, or if there would be fictional animals such as centaurs or dragons. If not, I would also like to know if people still have heard of them in myths or stories. Thanks!
04/08/2018 1:34 am
Level 14 Journeyman Network
Legends of Esper
Yes, there will be mythical animals, mostly heard in stories, some more common than others.
02/02/2018 2:59 pm
Level 1 New Miner
Name: Ash

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Race: Men

Backstory: At the age of six Ash's parents died of a horrible death. One day they were out hunting in the Elven territory. Her parents knew the dangers of crossing into the Elven territory, however they ignored it. As they were headed back, they got attacked. Ash then became an orphan, there was no one to take her in so she had to fend for herself. As Ash grew up she put the past behind her, of course she was infuriated with the Elven. No matter how hard she tried she couldn't stay mad at them though, it was her parent's fault. Everyone deserves a second chance, at least that was what her mother always used to say.On her sixteenth birthday she is still alone, Ash is what you would call an outcast. Yes some people pity her, however others just put more labor on her. Ash is growing up to be a strong, independent, and loyal woman; even thought she is put down by others sometimes she gets right back up and does what she is told. She doesn't particularly like having to do other's chores, but she does them anyway; Ash has always hoped to find a friend that will be there for her.
02/03/2018 12:24 am
Level 14 Journeyman Network
Legends of Esper
I like it! Very interesting story, and creative too! Thank you for posting a reply, if you stay subscribed, we'll release information on our upcoming open beta :)




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