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Looking for some Improv roleplayers to join my friends and I

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created 11/24/2017 5:11 pm by thatemeraldgamer
My friends and I are looking for some people to join us in roleplaying. We do have some requirements but our standards aren't too high so we're willing to make some exceptions. You might be asking yourself what skills/requirements are needed. So here they are:

Q1: How active must I be?
A1: We are looking for someone who can join us frequently in activities other then roleplaying.

Q2: Age requirements?
A2: 13 - 16 . unless you think your mature enough (We also will not tolerate people who lie about there age)

Q3: Do you need to have experience?
A3: It's preferred that you have done at least one role play before buts its fine if haven't

Q4: What kind of person are we looking for?
A4: We prefer that you aren't shy since we really aren't rude people. It's ok if your shy at first but later on you might be left in the dust if you continue to be shy.

Q5: How many people are we looking for?
A5: We are looking 1-3 people

Q6: Gender specific?
A6: Don't matter here, we don't judge

Q7: Where can I contact you?
A7: Contact me or my friends here: TheNotSoShyGuy#3946 Diamond#2657

If your wondering about our ages are 13,14,16

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