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Medieval/Fantasy RP! [OPEN]

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created 04/28/2016 10:42 am by xXLittleMinerGirlXx
In a small village without any kings or queens. But they had a reason for this...
The elders of the town were the truth speakers and the leaders. They were very wise as well. One day tho in the small and peaceful village years before it was created when the elders found the place... A woman wearing a silk dress and long dusty brown hair as her large glowing white wings... The fairy said the to the elders. "Do not pass through my forest without a warning... Only the children or the wise can enter my forest without warning.." As she walked back into the forest without a word being spoken. But deep within the forest... Lied a secret place.. Called "The forest of lost dreams." In that forest was a Grim Reaper (Aka the villain) He always tried to kill (Or kidnap) One of the fairy's so he could gain full power to turn himself back to a human. He had a soft side tho. After he stole the life of one of the fairy's he turned it into one of his minions. The fairy queen (Which is me.) Always kept a close eye on her fairy's.

The year is now 1899. Also the villain is a grim reaper that lives wayyyyyyyyy back in the forest. So far back I'd take 3 days to get to the forest of lost dreams. (Which is where he lives. Also if you wish you can play as him. I'll tell you the info through messages if you want. )

If you wish to be a magical creature you can make up your own creature. BUT DO NOT MAKE IT IMMORTAL. DO NOT MAKE YOUR CHARACTER IMMORTAL.
If you are a dark elf you can dodge attacks THREE TIMES. Also please no hybrids of a human and magic creature... (And please try to use good grammar and speak like you're in a medieval time) Also one last thing. KEEP IT MEDIEVAL AND NO ROBOTS OR PEOPLE FROM THE FUTURE. Also please try not to swear. I want to keep this roleplay open for all ages. That's all.

What do they sound like? (My character sounds like Lapis Lazuil from Steven Universe.)
Job: (If you play a child you can just say "Child")
Human or creature?:
If creature what is your type?:

Random stuff.:
This RolePlay was a bit inspired off of a movie I saw called "The village" Its a good movie. Also there is 3 groups. Undead, Creatures (Which is the fairy's, and other creatures) And the village people. The children were afraid to go into the forest. So were the wise. But not even the brave didn't dare step foot into the forest.

Undead creature list:
Dark Elf.
Grave yard fairy's. (Which is what fairy's turn into when they die. But after a short time they turn into a grave yard fairy.)
Grim reaper.
Shadow wolves.

Creatures (The good guys):
Blood Elves.
Night elves.
Heaven Birds.
Heaven wolves.
Moon Rocks. (Which are little clubs of ores that have a hollow face and they say "MEEP MEEPPPP" whenever they talk and rarely speak in English.)

Do I really need to explain this?

Moon Dust: Me!

My character info (I'm the fairy in the story)
Gender: Female
Name: Moon Dust but her nickname is Bunny.
Age: She does not tell those about her age. But she is 100,000 years old. But she looks very young.
Clothing: A long silk dress and she has dusty brown hair with flowers in it and she smells like cinnamon. Also has large white wings with yellow outline. It is legend that a fairy's wings is what they will begin to like when they grow up. The yellow on her wings is the Sun. And the white on her wings stands for Heaven.
What do they sound like: Lapis Lazuil from Steven Universe.
Job: Protecting the forest from evil humans/creatures.
Creature type: Leader of the forest. Aka "The God Mother" From what the elders call her.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this RP! It will start once we gain 5 creatures. 5 Undead. 5 elders and 5 regular humans. (Also like I said in the rules you can make up your own creature and I will add it to the list.)
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