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Minecraft roleplay [Eledora] - body actors application

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created 02/23/2019 12:47 am by AbbeyDaBunny
So i am looking for some body actors currently since a lot of our current ones are not doing there job, so we are looking for ACTIVE members for the team! if you are accepted as a body actor you will be sent a discord link (make sure to check casting call at least once a day because thats how ill be accepting people!)

What I'm looking for:
1. Active
2. Available from 1pm - 5pm aest on the weekends
3. preferably in Australia
4. can run 30+ mods

what happens if I'm not active?
well its simple not active you get kicked out if body actor applicant if you have helped you will become a body actor but if you stop after helping for a while you will get demoted and slowly ill end up kicking you out to, of course there are exceptions if your busy with school or stuff but even if you make it for every so often thats all we ask! you dont have to come every weekend at least try to make it every second though!

Apply here

Any questions? let me know below here!
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