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Pokemon Roleplay; Apply Here!

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created 09/19/2018 12:01 am by DrownedPound
last reply 10/28/2018 4:12 am
Hi guys! Tsunami Webs here, and welcome back to another forum! So, the last application forum for my roleplay "no longer exists" (quote Planet Minecraft). So, here it is again! Here's the roleplay link:
Application requirements:

Backstory (optional):
Pokemon #1:
Pokemon #2:
Pokemon #3:
Pokemon #4:
Pokemon #5:
Pokemon #6:

*: Up to four of these required

Here's a poll! The question is: What's your favorite Pokemon Generation?
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Level 7 : Apprentice Pokemon

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10/28/2018 4:12 am
Level 7 Apprentice Pokemon
come on, guys! it's just a roleplay! there's no harm in a little fun! you can also quit at any time!
and BTW, just because we have reached 200 posts, you do not have to read what we have done so far. i will not be the one accepting, Peridot XJ9 will be accepting, so if she accepts your application instead of me, the creator, don't yell at her. just FYI.
(i like abbrev. a lot)
10/26/2018 2:41 am
Level 36 Artisan Professor
Peridot XJ9
We're still accepting worthy applicants in case you're all wondering. :3
09/28/2018 5:16 am
Level 36 Artisan Professor
Peridot XJ9
Just out of pure boredom, I decided to recreate Eli the Peridot's info page. I even included a spiffy picture of her as well for visual purposes (Like, if you have no idea what she looks like and you need to imagine her as you're reading the roleplay). I even added some fun facts for her Pokemon because why not. Enjoy!

Name: Professor Eli Wolftree (Prefers to be called "Eli")
Age: 18
Class: Scientist
Backstory: (Like Paiyu's, it's pretty darn long, so I decided to place it into a spoiler. :P)
Eli was born as a normal human in the Alola Region. She lived in Hau'oli City for most of her childhood years, spending her free time on the beachfront playing in the crystal clear waters. What got her into Pokemon science during this time came not just from the Pokemon Trainer School she went to, but also from all the specimens she found on the beach (or the ocean floor) such as Wingull, Mantyke, Finneon, and even a few occasional Dwebble. During her educational years, she was extremely gifted in Pokemon Science, Pokemon Arts, Type Memorization, and even memorized the Pokerap on the first try. Despite her gifted nature, she is awful at calculating the EVs and IVs of any Pokemon and ignores the importance of natures when selecting Pokemon for competitive battles. During her time there, she was the tallest student in the school, with her end-of-puberty height clocking in at 5'8". Some people jeered at her for giraffe-like stature, but she embraced her height and made use of it. One day, a ranger from Alima visited her school and showed off his blue Oblivian capture styler to the young students. He told them about how it's important to love Pokemon as much as you love each-other and to protect them whenever they were in danger. This got Eli super hyped and researched as much as she could on what rangers did and how their styler worked. She borrowed too many library books on Pokemon Rangers to count and her fellow classmates questioned why she was obsessed with ranger-ing to begin with. After becoming the age of 10, she graduated from the Pokemon Ranger School to have a chance at becoming a Pokemon Trainer. Although most 10 year-olds would automatically accept becoming a Pokemon Trainer, Eli rejected the offering and decided to become a Pokemon Ranger instead. Unfortunately, there were no Ranger Schools from where she was located, so she decided to collect some cash by finding rare shells from the beachfront and selling them off. A few years later, she gained a decent budget to sustain herself, but she still chose to "live" with her parents until she got her dream job. One day while looking for shells, Eli was offered a chance to apply to the Aether Foundation by one of their co-workers. At first, the idea seemed skeptical, but once the co-worker explained that this facility wanted to help Pokemon in need instead of harming them, Eli immediately packed her bags and moved to Aether Paradise, where she was hoping to start a new life and career. For the few months she worked there after getting accepted, life was very smooth. She was very popular with the facility for being the "gentle giant," being friendly and kind while also lending a hand for those who needed help reaching certain items. Unfortunately, this didn't last for very long, as she was involved in a lab accident that changed her life forever. At the time, Eli was working on a potion that could cure all-known diseases and defects, but it was still incomplete and could give weird side effects to anyone who ingested it, intentionally or not. From this, two of her friends revealed their villainous sides and slipped the clear potion into her water bottle, which included a teensy bit of UB:01 juice to dampen her cheerful mindset for good. After a normal Mario Party play-session, Eli drank the infected water bottle, not knowing that half of her incomplete potion was slipped into her drink. Suddenly, she began to notice that her skin was turning green, her hair became more yellow and triangle-like, she gained a clear visor and a Peridot gemstone that was stuck to her forehead, her hands were getting smaller, she obtained forest green socks around her feet, her arms grew shorter, and she shrank down to a measely height of 4'5". From this painful yet cringeworthy transformation sequence, she ended up getting turned into a Peridot and her now-oversized labcoat was stuck to her for life. Ashamed and embarrassed of her new look, Eli decided to run away and escape from her room's window, which ended up making her fall onto the cargo docks, yet she still survived because of her now-increased fall durability as a Peridot. She ended up getting onto a cruise ship from climbing herself into an empty cargo box, but got kicked off the ship as it set sail due to the members of the cruise not liking her new look. From this, Eli found out that she could now survive in non-oxidized spaces like water, but any time she's submerged in liquid substances and then gets out, she reeks of an awful scent that smells similar to 50 rotten eggs in a dump truck. Thankfully, the sulfuric stench reaches out by only a foot away from her tiny body, but this makes Eli even more sad, as she couldn't even speak to the island inhabitants that got near her because of it. During these years of getting used to her new Peridot self, nobody even bothered to speak or even offer a job to her because of her looks. The final straw came when she was rejected by an entire camp of trainers while the owner threatened to beat her up. This made her run away with tears in her eyes, and then tripped on a stick face first into a muddy puddle. She came to the conclusion that she was a pathetically useless short green ugly shell of her former self and that nobody could love her for who she was. She spent a few months lying in the same spot she was, crying for a very long time until Christmas came around. A released Type:Null (who became known as Crimson much later) came across the fallen green girl and found out through her scent that she was Eli. This particular Pokemon hated humans, but Eli was the only one who cared for it, and now that she was a lost "experiment" as well, it decided to team up with her and convince the tiny scientist to become a Pokemon Trainer. Eli eventually gained several partners along the way, including Mimikyu and Lugia, and decided to get a fresh new start over in the Soras Region. From this new region, she realized this place needed a professor, so she found an abandoned research facility and called it her temporary home, yet nobody knows that she lives there and visitors think she's just a ghost because of her incredibly small stature that makes her unnoticeable. From here, she adapted herself to live out in the woods and still performed research on Pokemon Friendship and the impact of trainer influence. During one of her research tests, however, a few trainers noticed her riding on the inside of her Kangaskhan's pouch, so she decides to introduce herself to the trainers, albeit a little marreepishly on the first go. From then on, she gains a few trustworthy friends, gets caught in a bunch of epic adventures, and finds out more about herself, her new body, and the inevitable choice of whether or not being a Peridot is best for her.

Pokemon #1: Mimikyu, Level 98.

Moves: Shadow Claw, Mimic, Shadow Sneak, and Play Rough
Fun Facts: Even with it's well-made costume, nobody ever liked Mimikyu because it was ugly. In the nick of time, however, Eli came across the walking Pikachu costume under a stone bridge in the dead of winter and became fast friends due to them having almost the exact same problem. It is currently wearing a costume based on it's trainer's appearance because it's showing how much it really cares for it's trainer.

Pokemon #2: Lugia (Shiny), Level 100.
Moves: Recover, Surf, Fly, and Extrasensory
Fun Facts: Found in a wormhole that Eli stumbled upon, she never intended to catch this legendary until it kept following her around. Unlike it's blue non-shiny cousin, this Lugia in particular brings sunny weather and will do anything to keep the warm atmosphere around, even if it means curing it's trainer's sadness for the hundredth time.

Pokemon #3: Crimson the Silvally (Electric Memory Version), Level 95.
Moves: Thunderbolt, Multi-Attack, Flamethrower, and Ice Fang
Fun Facts: This Pokemon is eternally grumpy and absolutely hates humans because of all the experiments it went through. Once it was freed by Melvin like it's other two brothers were, it immediately searched for Eli so that it could cheer her up and encourage her to redeem herself from the mess she got herself into. To gain it's trust, a trainer must feed it an Oran berry to prevent it from being stubborn towards strangers.

Pokemon #4: Kangaskhan (Mega Stone), Level 100.

Moves: Fake Out, Sucker Punch, Focus Blast, and Roar
Fun Facts: This Kangaskhan in particular is unable to produce any children of it's own, so after it was traded for a Porygon with an Up-Grade, it immediately thought it's own trainer was it's child. It loves placing Eli in it's pouch, even though she gets embarrassed every time she's placed in there. Overtime, she got used to it because of it's warmth and softness, and it's great for protection against the cold. When this Kangaskhan goes mega, however, it'll throw it's trainer at the opposing Pokemon to register any extra damage from it's ability, Parental Bond.

Pokemon #5: Alolan Muk, Level 96.
Alola Form
Moves: Toxic, Gunk Shot, Disable, and Crunch
Fun Facts: On a sunny day, Eli wondered if it were possible to raise a Grimer to it's full potential, even though everyone hates it, so she caught herself a Grimer and evolved it into a Muk. Of course, the experiment was proven successful to the point she wouldn't ever get it off her team.

Pokemon #6: Golem, Level 100.
Regular Form
Moves: Stealth Rock, Earthquake, Roar, and Stone Edge
Fun Facts: When Eli got herself into competitive battles, she noticed an annoying trend where trainers would throw stealth rocks at the opposing Pokemon for extra damage. She rubbed a couple of brain cells together and got herself a regular Golem from the GTS and taught it Stealth Rock. Despite it being from the GTS, this Golem still bonded with Eli like any other Pokemon would and became the best of friends.
09/26/2018 5:19 am
Level 12 Journeyman Network
would this be on a minecraft server?
09/26/2018 6:46 am
Level 36 Artisan Professor
Peridot XJ9
No, it's for a roleplay that currently going on right here on PMC. Though, it would be cool if we made a Minecraft server out of this. :3
09/27/2018 10:57 pm
Level 7 Apprentice Pokemon
Yeah... I might do a server on this, but right now, I don't have enough Internet. :( This WILL be a server, however, and NO ONE CAN STOP ME!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!
09/28/2018 2:04 am
Level 36 Artisan Professor
Peridot XJ9
...And if it's on version 1.10 or lower, I will gladly join it! Nyeheheheh! >:3
09/26/2018 4:43 am
Level 24 Expert Pokemon
The FaiyaBLAST
Just to remind myself and y'all

Name: Paiyu
Age: 15
Class: Pokemon Trainer
Backstory (looong):
Paiyu was born to a well-off Johtonian (is that how you say it? From Johto?) family and gained an affinity for Pokemon at a young age. On the day after her eleventh birthday, she set off on her own journey with a Cyndaquil, but it was not long before the joy ended with a Team Rocket raid on her home, forcing Paiyu and her family to flee to Kanto, finding a sanctuary with some relatives in Lavender Town. Having lost her beloved starter in the incident, Paiyu entered a phase where, under the delusion that she at fault for the loss, she wanted nothing to do with being a Pokemon Trainer. Her parents believed that she needed a change of environment from Lavender's gloomy atmosphere. Eventually they settled on moving to Alola, the sunny region known for its uniquely beautiful scenery.
They bought a home in Malie City, reminiscent of their homeland, and frequently sent Paiyu out to explore the lush land and sparkling seas around her, as well as reintroducing her to Pokemon training, mentioning nothing about the "Arashi Incident." Soon, Paiyu returned to her former ray-of-sunshine self and was ready to undertake the Island Challenge, successfully completing it with the faithful team she befriended along the journey. Now, her love of adventure has taken her family to Soras, and beyond.

Pokemon #1: Juniper (Shiny female Decidueye), Lvl. 80
Moves: Leaf Blade, Aerial Ace, Steel Wing, Spirit Shackle
Pokemon #2: Caramella (Female Alolan Raichu) Lvl. 75
Moves: Thunderbolt, Psychic, Calm Mind, Thunder Wave
Pokemon #3: Ramune (Male Vaporeon) Lvl. 74
Moves: Surf, Ice Beam, Aqua Ring, Scald
Pokemon #4: Yukitsune (Female Alolan Ninetales) Lvl. 75
Moves: Dazzling Gleam, Blizzard, Aurora Veil, Extrasensory
Pokemon #5: Eedee'em (Male Noivern) Lvl. 78
Moves: Boomburst, Dragon Pulse, Dark Pulse, Flamethrower
Pokemon #6: Flaire (Female Quilava) Lvl. 59
Moves: Flamethrower, Swift, Crush Claw, Brick Break
She also has a Midday Lycanroc called Petra (female, Lvl. 85), but in the mean time she is back in Soras with Paiyu's parents.
09/21/2018 4:39 pm
Level 28 Expert Lego Builder
Darth Spookoden
I'm going to sign up again as a different character :D Im not that busy anymore so I'll come back!

Name: Russo
Age: 17
Class: Pokémon Ranger
Pokémon: Lugia, Lv. 100
Moves: Siconic Blast, Swift Shift, Dragonslice.
Pokémon: Raichu, Lv. 80
Moves: Thundershock, Quick Attack, Silver Whip.
Pokémon: Espeon, Lv. 96
Moves: Super Psy, Mind Control, Quick Attack
Pokémon: Zoroark, Lv. 100
Moves: Dodge, Quick Attack, Dark Presence
Pokémon: Luxray, Lv. 100
Moves: Thundershock, Tail Whip
Pokémon: Primeape, Lv. 100
Moves: Fury Swipes, Mega Punch, Intimidate

Backstory: As a young child, Russo was thrown out of his house and was forced to live on the streets.
09/22/2018 12:38 am
Level 7 Apprentice Pokemon
Approved! Welcome to the roleplay, Russo!
09/21/2018 10:19 am
Level 7 Apprentice Pokemon
Name: Jack
Age: 18
Class: Ace Trainer
Pokemon #1: Zygarde, Lv. 100
Moves: Outrage, Dragon Pulse, Earthquake, Crunch
Pokemon #2: Diancie, Lv. 100
Moves: Diamond Storm, Moonblast, Stone Edge, Power Gem
Pokemon #3: Volcanion, Lv. 100
Moves: Steam Eruption, Explosion, Overheat, Flare Blitz
Pokemon #4: Incineroar, Lv. 100
Moves: Cross Chop, Outrage, Flare Blitz, Flamethrower
Pokemon #5: Zapdos, Lv. 100
Moves: Zap Cannon, Thunder, Drill Peck, Discharge
Pokemon #6: Celebi, Lv. 100
Moves: Leaf Storm, Future Sight, Natural Gift, Ancient Power
Jack also has:
Pokemon #7: Naganadel, Lv. 100
Moves: Dragon Pulse, Air Slash, Fell Stinger, Toxic
09/22/2018 12:37 am
Level 7 Apprentice Pokemon
Approved! Welcome to the roleplay, Jack!




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