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Ramanga The Eletronic City (Cyberpunk) Apps

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created 05/05/2013 9:48 pm by bubbykaz
last reply 05/19/2013 1:25 pm
In the year 2491 in the corrupt split country that was the U.S.A. in the south eastern slice of land the first cyber city ran by A.I. was formed Ramanga it was called has the A.I
mayor Remana had chose it from a list of names.It had everything skyscrapers,cafes,apartments,and homes but no shops because the residents could order anything from anywhere via intelliphones and the newest and most expensive armcomp 9.23 .But hackers in the town have been the vast majority of crime makers but conspiracy theorists say that the hackers were helping the citizens because the mayor was becoming corrupt and they say its because of a unknown group in the city because only people in the city know that the mayor is a A.I.Cyber A.I. police called Ghosts find viruses destroy them and find their source to be apprehended by human police forces.Guns and such have not been upgraded much but they have been made better for silent take downs non lethal bullets and large tin coated full metal jacket bullets.Hackers have alot of tools from hard to detect complex hacks uploaded from computers or undetectable weak hacks through armcomps and phones or easily detectable and powerful hacks.

(Accepting improvements!)


Group(None,Hackers,Human Ghost,Darkfallen((Unknown Group)),and police):
Tools(Be reasonable would you have an arm comp if your a bum?):
Anything else?:

1.No controlling other characters
2.Keep it Pg-13
3.No Insta-Hacking it ruins the point of the roleplay.
4.Fail at hacking sometimes it makes things more interesting.
5.No plagiarism
6.No copying off others apps.
7.Make sure most of the things in your app is original
8.Please make backstories more then 1 paragraph long.
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3 replies

05/19/2013 1:25 pm
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Bubby gain more experience as an RPer before making RPs.
05/19/2013 12:38 pm
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Bump v.3923
05/07/2013 8:14 pm
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