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created 04/18/2016 6:05 pm by ThatCrazyFangirl
last reply 11/21/2016 3:55 pm
My Street! Yeah!
Basic story! We are all friends from high school who moved into the same street! (You don't have to be on the exact same street, just close, or somewhere in the town) My house is by Zane's house (Idk, thought I should say it) I would like people to be the characters as well please.

No Cra- Wait, then that wouldn't be My Street
If you want to be your own character, please tell me!
You ARE allowed to be someone's adopted kid, just ask them first
You can have a pet!
And remember, we met in high school! If you want to live with someone, ask them first! (Also you can forget a few people. I won't mind)

My role
Name: Emma
Age: Birthday is 5 days in RP. I will be 21 in 5 days in RP.
Appearance: Dark blue hair and purple eyes.
Likes: Dogs, Drawing, Anything creative, Music.
Dislikes: Not much.
Enemy(ies): MICHI!!
BFF: Not really anyone. Is good friends with almost everyone
Pet(s): A husky puppy named Moon
Talents: Drawing, Singing.

I am also Gene and Dante's sister

Just try to make a role like that!
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Level 1 : New Explorer

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11 replies

11/21/2016 3:55 pm
Level 22 : Expert Toast
stop wasting time
Name: Bani~Chan
Age: 19
Birthday: January 5th
Appearance: Long pink hair, blue eyes, always wears overalls
Crush: Nobody is sure... she seems to have created an imaginary friend simply called "Senpai"
Likes: All animals, her senpai, cookies
Dislikes: Crowded places, having to present, some people
Enemies: Nobody
Pets: Two cats named Mac & Cheese, a brown bunny named Munchkin, and a llama named Faboosha
Talents: Wonderful with little kids and animals, cooking, and singing
Lives next to the girls
11/21/2016 3:48 pm
Level 1 : New Network
I this like a rolplay that will get on youtube? :O
11/17/2016 1:02 pm
Level 26 : Expert Cake
Can I join ;3 ? Well, I'll atleast try c:

Name : Bayah
Age : Her bd was a day before this rp, she is 16.
Appearance : She changes her looks a lot, but atm she has purple hair, with blue eyes.
Crush : Not yet
Likes : Animals, nature and music.
Dislikes : Loud places.
Enemies : None
Pets : A bunny named Snow
Talents : She has a great singing voice, but too shy to sing to anyone.
11/14/2016 10:46 am
Level 4 : Apprentice Crafter
Name: Mikeala Scarlet (Aria Ombra in Diaries)
Age: 20
Birthday: August 3rd
Appearance: Frail skin, long brown hair that goes to her mid-back, ocean blue eyes
Likes: Singing and cooking, and dancing
Dislikes: People who are unfair, being beaten
Enemies: None so far
Pets: An owl named Hootini
Talents: She can sing and dance but when someone catches her offguard she gets flustered quick
11/07/2016 8:35 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
I wonder if it's okay even if I'm an 11 year old..
06/11/2016 7:28 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Me want in :3

Name: Lilly (Ingame LittleLeufel)
Age: 19
Birthday: 21th June
Appearance: Red Hair and green Eyes
Crush: I won´t know ´till I were Ingame :3
Likes: Drawing, listen to Music, Starset(check them out on Youtube their Music is great ), NUTELLA <3
Dislikes: 12 Year old kids who just yell around, cleaning my room xD
Enemy(ies): the vacuum cleaner
BFF: Still wasn´t ingame xD
Pet(s): A little Chameleon named Dood :3
Talents: Drawing, thinking, eating xD

One question: what is the server IP?
05/08/2016 3:20 am
Level 16 : Journeyman Toast
My role:
Name: Aaron Johnson

Age: 20 (21 6 months, 12 days after Emma's birthday)

Appearance: Black hair, blue eyes, red shirt under brown jacket.

Crush: ... I'm a grown man, I don't have time for crushes!

Likes: Cats, acting, being awesome, going outside, having friends.

Dislikes: Being lonely, not socialising or acting.


BFF: EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. (Other than people who hate actors)

Pet(s): A black cat with big, green eyes called Leia

Job: Can you guess? Actor.

Talents: Acting ( )
05/07/2016 9:44 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Name: Malina Timbers


Appearance: brown curly hair , hazel eyes, Victoria secret sweat outfit and ,grape Jordans , light skin

Crush:August Alsina

Likes: singing,shopping ,dancing, being who I am

Dislike: when people bully , beggers, and when Rick Ross don't get his pears. ( is is a joke you can laugh)

BFF: Rihanna

Pet(s) : fluffy (butterballs little sister ), butterball(puppy) swiftly (butterballs dad) coco(butterballs mom)

Talents:singing 8-(
05/07/2016 7:17 pm
Level 23 : Expert Architect
Name: Darian Mizumiki
Age: 23
Appearance: Black Hair with Dark Teal Highlights, Light Teal Eyes, typically wearing a black suit vest and white shirt with sand coloured cargo's.
Crush: Nobody, forever alone.
Likes: Piano and Acoustic music, Cats, Video Games, being alive.
Dislikes: Being dead, heights, spinning in circles for more than 5 seconds, arguing.
Enemy(ies): Nobody as of yet, just moved onto the block (I don't know what house)
BFF: Nobody as of yet.
Pet(s): A black cat named Milo.
Talents: Playing the piano and guitar.
05/07/2016 5:51 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
Yea that's good
05/07/2016 4:46 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
Name: Sage Ja'Meng
Age: 20, birthday is probably a month after Emma's
Appearance: Inky blue hair in pigtails, pale skin, dark green eyes. Usually found wearing a maroon jacket over a white shirt and has dark wash jeans and red and white striped knee socks. Has simple black flats
Crush: None, as far as anyone knows
Likes: Movies, 'cheeky punk-style' bands (Blink-182 for example), her job at a clothing store, pandas, video games, snow days, her jacket, wearing oversized sweaters
Dislikes: Magazines, malls (she works at a corner shop that sells clothes and knick-knacks), getting shipped, tight clothing, pickles, dogs (allergy)
Enemies, if any: In high school, it was Gene and his Shadow Knight gang. Now it's Dante, since he's Gene's brother. She's heard Gene talk about Dante when they prank her, so she assumes he's the same as Gene. She's never actually met Dante though
BFF: Doesn't know. Online, she has a friend named "Lostboy_000" though.
Talents: Acting (secret)
Pet(s): A black kitten with various white and blue spots named Criley

She lives about three houses down from the guys. She's met the girls but hasn't met any of the guys.

Hopefully that's okay!

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