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~The Clockworks Of Azure~ {Steampunk Roleplay} [IC]

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created 04/27/2013 4:44 am by tmplumber
last reply 05/14/2013 5:28 pm
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Welcome to the land of Azure. A vast expansive world full of adventure, fortune and glory; home to all manner of people, like the humans of Edin. Or perhaps the Kranos of the misty mountains or maybe even the mystical valkyr, all together living their separate lives in harmony. It was considered the golden age, the age of peace, harmony and fortune; they thought it would last forever... they were wrong.
They were invented to be the slaves of the humans. Cooks, butlers and soldiers, but they disobeyed killing everyone in their path. The name of these soulless killing machines were The Clockworks, invented by Allan Clockwork to be their own personal slave. They disobeyed, even to the point of nearly killing Allan, luckily for him they obeyed him... and only him.
He used them to forge his own empire, The Clockworks Of Azure. Ruling them within his own personal capital of Mechanica, he destroyed everyone in his way. Even to the point of killing the members of Azure's parliament, and claiming himself King Of Azure. Today his rule is stretching as far as ever, but his grasp over Azure is weakening and a rebellion is forming.


~The Humans Of Edin ~ { Pronounced ee-din }

~Basic Description~
The Humans Of Edin are what you expect of normal humans. They specialise with guns and small daggers.

~The Karnos Of The Misty Mountains~ { Pronounced kar-nos }

~Basic Description~
The Karnos Of The Misty Mountains are of a race of half cat, half human people. They specialise with their claws and biting.

~The Mystical Valkyr~ { Pronounced val-kir }

~Basic Description~
The Mystical Valkyr are a race of blue humans with wings, they glow a blue aura and use their screams to kill.


You seem to have gained a rare letter from Banjo Jean. Will you read it?

~A Letter From Banjo Jean~

Hello Adventurer, it seems you are visiting the great world of Azure. Im sure you have heard about our great government and our beloved king Allan. Well guess what... you have been lied to, he is a tyrant and you my friend... must stop him!

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2 replies

05/14/2013 5:28 pm
Level 25 : Expert Taco
We should try to revive this I've always wanted to participate in a steampunk RP but never got around to doing it.
05/12/2013 12:36 am
Level 25 : Expert Taco

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