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Xcom:Enemy Within Roleplay

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created 02/02/2014 2:36 pm by bubbykaz
The idea of this is that I get people to sign up and I put them into my xcom game I would play has commander and file the mission report you the roleplayer will be hang around the barraks and reaction to whatever happened in the mission report I will assign roleplayers into squads Alpha and Bravo with a team leader every mission they whould alternate.


Apperence (look for Xcom pics or tell me your helm number color and deco):
Preffered Class:
Preffered Gender:
Willing to be MEC?:
Willing to be Gene Modded?:
Anything else?:

1.No meta
2.Keep romance PG-13
3.Keep swearing to a minimum we may have children...
4.If you die you CAN reapply has a new soldier
5.This is the military respect your squad leader (or act like it when he is around)
6.If your injured in battle your well in the med ward so can't do too much.
7.Have fun but this may be slow due to the fact that most of the time I may need to write a long mission report that you all must read...

This is my first rp that I made soI accept help!
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