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Bendy and the Craft Machine - Looking for Help!

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created 11/16/2019 6:59 pm by JulioGamer1929 history
Hello! My name is JulioGamer1929, also known as Julio (which is a better name for me), and I wanted to ask you guys some little help from the amazing community of Bendy and Minecraft!

As some might know, I have a little project called: Bendy and the Craft Machine, which is a recreation of the game: Bendy and the Ink Machine! editbuild

(You can check this map in this link here:

First of all, I need to explain why I don't have all the skins I need.
An old friend of mine had quit the skin making thing, so he abandoned the project and left me with only some of the skins, which I don't blame him, since it is hard to make so many skins in a rushed time.
And well, a lot of people was trying to help me with the map since I said about this situation and even when I said that I would only make Chapter 2 and that's it, I was regretting help from everyone else.
So... What do I need to continue this project, you may ask?
A lot of skins. And I don't have enough time to make all these skins. timer
So that's why i'm making this little help for you, guys! ^u^ ♥

But to make this fair to everyone to join it, i'll need to settle some little rules that I want to be respected. (But don't worry, it's not something that will make you feel mad for me. :D ... I guess... :v)

Rule 1: I'm only picking the skins and artists who make the skins in a similar style of the ones I have. (This means, same color pallete and similar style). You can message me on my PlanetMinecraft account or Discord and we can talk about how to make the skins. Also, if these artists do a great job with the skins, the artists will receive their names in the game credits, as a little form of reward from me. (I'm always trying to make a little reward to everyone. I know, it's not too much, and I can't pay anyone for that, but it's the best I can do. ,u, ♥)

Rule 2: I'll be giving a list of all skins that I need to use in my map. Some of them are optional, but most of them are going to be used for marketing of the map, testing the map and even other stuffs. (But don't worry, all the skins will be credited. ^^ ♥). And like I said... Yes, there's a lot of skins to do, but don't worry, the next rule will make you feel comfortable and less worried about it.

Rule 3: No, I'll not force people to do these skins. If you want to help the project, then you have the full liberty to do it, but only if you really want to help me. Also, do the skins in your time and without rushing. I don't want to see people mad or sad at me for making these skins.
(And don't worry, I have all the time of the world to wait for the skins. So... do it in your time and way, okay? <:3).

Well, I think that's all I needed to say here, and If you have any questions about this post, you can message me in DM, so I can answer these questions, ok?
See you guys later! Bye Bye! /(^^)/

(Just a detail: This is the original post I made on Twitter:
And if this post be considered a spam or ad thing, I can delete it without problems, ok? ^^)
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