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banner by me :,)

🎄Happy Holiday Season!!🎄
Signups Closed

It's time to spread love and appreciation during this holiday season <3
In essence, this is going to be very similar to Auri's secret santa (and all others but specifically that one).


If you have never been in a secret santa before, it is a fairly simple concept: you sign up and make a secret present for the person you are assigned :)


🎁 Join by adding a comment below with a description/image for your secret santa to make a skin of

🎁 You will be assigned a Santa by DM (2nd of December)

🎁 Make the person you are assigned a skin based of their description/image (description examples here)!

🎁 Upload on the 25th of December!

🎁 Also tag the skin with #CandaySecretSanta and link it here so I can make a collection easier :,)

🎁 PLEASe please please notify me if you cannot make a skin for your assigned participant!

If you have any questions for your Santa please ask ME: so I can ask for you <3

-The essential part of this is SECRET- your identities will be revealed on Christmas Day-


grade Be nice! Tis' the Christmas season, don't go around giving other people coal :(

  -  Intentionally bad skins, trolling, being rude, drama, etc.
grade Follow PMC rules, as always
grade Keep it simple: I'll notify you if your description is too complicated
grade Don't reveal your identity to the person you're assigned!! that ruins the fun >:(

if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask <3
- If someone is unable to make a gift, I (or someone who volunteers) will make them their gift
- If you want to be a specific person's Santa, please DM me (i will try to work it out)- but I do not make other people your Santa upon request >:(


Sign up!21st of November1st of December
Get a Santa :)2nd of December
2nd of December
Work on skins!When you get your assignment :)
25th of December
Post skins!Around the 25th of December

Forum post of all the Gifts and Santas revealed: https://www.planetminecraft.com/forums/communities/skinning/merry-christmas-623193/
click here
To find YOUR assigned participant easier you can do ctrl+f and look up their name!!

I would love anything inspired by the skins in my favorites.if you get me i hope you like the colors green and blue lmao
Make cute anime gun girl please

I want my Secret Santa, whoever it is, to make a skin based off of my favourite music artists. So, Hozier, Jazmin Bean, A Tribe Called Quest, that sort of stuff.

To clarify: Based off the songs, not the artists themselves.
4Chaotic Stupid
The skin I want is a concept which is a Frog-Witch, based off of a character I'm making named Talidia.

1, Frog Hat
2, Witch Outfit
3, Dark Boots
Optional, if the skin is human appearing, give them Red-Hair.
Honestly, I'll take anything Zelda related, but Fi from TLOZ: Skyward Sword would be best!


hmm, i'd want it to preferably be a girl with a big poofy lolita-esk dress! with lots of frills and such.
the color theme should be warm colors.

just make it cute! or scary maybe, i don't mind if you use a little creative freedom!

For my skin, I think a skin of Murdoc from the band Gorillaz would be cool (there need to be more of them!)

Any "phase" of the Gorillaz story would work but I'm particularly fond of this look.

Skin description:
Dark, gothic and emo wolf
Colours mainly black, red, purple,
Hair colour: brown
Eyes: black
Rather like a skirt and top or trousers/shorts than a dress
I would like the skin to be of a type of tasty food, and that's it.
for a skin, i'd prefer it to be a catboy
something like this
Here's the original artist for these, so whoever gets this please credit them for the art~

it doesn't have to be exactly this, i'm good as long as it has cat ears and is a boy~

I would want as my Secret Santa Makoto Yuki/Minato Arisato, the MC from Persona 3

Little reference image but it's easy to find more of them


feel free to take creative liberties whoever gets the to suffer with the hair
I would like my Secret Santa to make me a girl like this:
Desc: A girl with short hair (doesn't matter too much about the color) and a cozy-like outfit. And all or those could be in lighter colors (soft colors)

I'd like to have my oc Echo!
she's a daughter of iris and i'd love if she were in some form of black dress

she has hair like this:

except it's a pit brighter, and it gets pinker toward the edges.

i can't decide on pink or blue eyes so you can decide for me!
that's about it, knock yourself out!
15Angel Devil

for my reference, just anything inspired by my username or however you think I look/
17Lane the Turtle
I’d like a blond haired, tan skinned boy with a green flannel and a darkish purple shirt underneath, blue jeans, green converse, and a green backwards hat. (Also, all greens are the same color.)
Simply put, create your own rendition of the character below. Creativity is key ;)


I would like myself skinned as a stereotypical rapper. So face tats/tats, gold chains, cap/durag, drip and ice etc lmao.
Here's what I kinda look like on a skin as a ref: https://www.planetminecraft.com/skin/ya-boy-lil-ran-me-inro-s-make-yourself-skin-contest/
20Blue Piranha
Well, this is going to be hard but I wanna join. some thing along the lines of this and less eyes on the cape lol


err, you can try doing a rendition of my character, pancake!
feel free to take any creative liberties, just keep him as a pink dragon :)

Since I'm pretty indecisive with what I want, I'll give three choices (songs) to whoever will be my secret santa. Feel free to choose any of the three and interpret them as you wish.
1. Florence + the Machine - All This and Heaven Too

2. Mystery Skulls - The Future

3. Ben&Ben - Kathang Isip

There are fan-made animatics/animations for songs 1 and 2, so if you chose any of those two and you're feeling stuck, you can draw inspiration from there (but don't explicitly make the characters in those videos). Song 3 is in another language, but there are English translations for the lyrics; the song 3 title translates to "imagination".

Have fun!
I'd like a skin of the character in the front of the concept art :)

actually any one of those figures would be cool. I just want the one in the front more :P
(art by Matt Nava)

For my Secret Santa I'd like to see Pit from Kid Icarus.

Any of my personas/OC's are fine by me, go nuts poor santa that has a limited supply of my weird creations.

My personal favourites which might be fun to remake are these 2 (both are rather old so feel free to take creative liberty)
i would want a boy or gender neutral character in ouji fashion
wearing something like this:

or this:

you can take parts of the design away if they aren't easy to do

i'd like a girl skin inspired by the vibes you get from these pictures :') <3

Uhma I'd love a skin of Ray from the anime the promised neverland on netflix
Or a female devil

Examples! It wouldn't let me post a picture so I sent an imgur link x3

i would like a boy wearing a jumper and cords or a skirt with eye liner plz
something like this with some creepy clothes in like a similar color palette

Ok, so I'd like a demon girl (hehe >:D) with a color scheme of cyan, yellow, light pink and any other bright colors that they'd like to add, and a festive Christmas sweater.

basically, like a demon girl that has no qualities that suggest she's a demon other than her horns lol
my OC Hanae
for her outfit, she is wearing a pink overall dress with a white undershirt. long sleeves pls! with like flowy frilled sleeves on the end.
the shape of the dress/sleeves is like the far-right this but the train is connected to the midpiece for her (shes not wearing a corset) with the straps and the sleeves arent cinched on the upper arm

no socks and no shoes, but she has vines going up one of her legs and her arms
Big thing is she suffers from hanahaki (flower disease), so her back and side are covered in flowers as well. Please let me know if you need more of a description

i would like a skin that fits my colorful side (most blues) that i can use to wear as a regular skin with red and blue stripe and a RP in red and blue on the back, preferably a girl with long hair and wolf ears/tail :D

RP: like the letters R and P next to eachother
Someone sitting by the fireplace
I think it would be interesting to see someone make this from their own imagination not from a specific skin I have in mind :p

A boy/girl [​do coin flip? 😂] and an outfit that would fit if they were to be sitting next to a fireplace
She's a bit of an OC, and i've never made a skin for her before! <3
(edit: She has a golden bow and red quiver on her back)
She is a Bloodelf, hence the outfit ;P She has a quiver and bow, but for the skin, i'd like just her quiver ^^
she has a ring on her right (screen's left) hand. The ring's stone is there same color as the necklace-- green.

I'd like a skin that has a shirt that looks like an arcade floor haha? like with all the shapes n colors. <3
I would like my persona please, but pink/pastel. Light pink bunny ears, a pink skirt, light pink sweatshirt, dark pink number "15", light pink socks, and light pink hair. Thank you. Please use this skin as a reference photo made by my friend!!

I'd like a skin that is sweet lolita inspired Christmas witch (I know weird right? )
maybe used some minty greens
a girl would be pretty cool.
A wooden (wind-up) robot with cut-outs, showing internal mechanical radars & stuff.
reference www.ugearsmodels.com for colors, internal mechanism and other stuff.
I made this Terraria character, I would like to request a skin made of him, thank you all!

I ask Santa to be inspired by Killer Queen in any creative way you choose <3

I would like a boy with a hood covering his eyes, the jacket dark grey with a light green or purple trim.
The pants are light grey, with black shoes.

Hope you have fun making this skin!
i would like a girl with a brown bob/just short light brown hair, along with blue eyes, and some sort of warm/cozy outfit!
warm colors would look nice with it too :> (creamy white, dull red, etc)
For my skin I would like a primordial being
For my present I'd like the person to surprise me with most of it, though i do require it to have: at least one flower somewhere, black hair (but things can be added, yes) and the gender to be female <33

Let me know if there is anything I missed/needed :))

Have a wonderful day <3
Please do my persona or just make a budgie (or a parakeet) for me!

This is what a budgie looks like:

and this is what my persona looks like:

For my skin I would like something like this:

SOoOOoo, For my present I would like Yui from K-on! If you have not seen It, It's an anime on netflix! (Yui is the best change my mind! U-U) But I would like her with her christmas outfit on! >:3 Here are some pics and the anime on youtube!


I'd like a medieval/fantasy fox elf character- gender is up to you, as well as whether it's a humanoid character or leans more toward animal-in-clothes style. don't have anything specific in mind, so be creative & have fun with it! <3
I would love my secret Santa to make a boy version of star guardian soraka
from league of legends but with pink hair instead of mint!

i'm pretty simple, i'd like either k/da all out evelynn:

or her base skin! (without her whips/lashers):

Let's make this simple, you can make whatever skin you want, but your colors (and pattern if you want) need to be inspired by a lava lamp!

Have fun :D
Humanized Clefairy from Pokémon sounds like a fun idea

It would be great to see someone's rendition of Roger the homunculus from the Hellboy comics, in any form deemed preferable (eg wearing or not wearing B.P.R.D vest etc)

he's the one in the middle, a google search would make things clear enough anyway :)

I would love my Secret Santa to be our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! :-)
i'd like my skin to be my persona (tan-skinned elf, gold eyes, red hair, female) in either victorian era or colonial era *male* clothing :)
i like the colors navy, olive green, and dark shades of grey if that helps
i'd love it if my secret santa could make something light academia or light academia inspired :)

i would love to see a skin of the 2020 winter miku design! btw, you might need to simplify some of the details on her outfit. :)

I'd like to see my personal made in a different style! It's something simple if you'd rather that :)

If you want something more creative here's a rough idea/ inspo I'm into

Can I Have My Skin Recreated In My Secret Santa's Skin Style? Do Whatever You Want Just Keep The Basic's Of The Infinity Gauntlet, Covered Sans Eye And Goggles With Outfit

Description: I'll take anything related to my current obsession, Black Clover. (Here's the Wikipedia page in case my Santa has no clue what Black Clover is.)
I'd love one of my OCs (Starfa and a m e l i a) to be made!
For me a knight, explorer or automaton, and could it plz be in similar colours to fishkiss 's potion palete. it dosen have to be 100%, just sorta inspired by it.
I would like a skin that’s galaxy, goth or soft theme (kidcore looks cool to) I would like it fairly simple but if you like putting lots of details I’d be fine with that to. I really like anime so if you know a character that fits this description tell me once this is due so I can watch it. (Sorry for rambling on)
For my secret Santa I want an Oreo skin with blue glasses
I would want a skin made from this picture

(like try to use the picture's palette and make a skin out of it or something)

or this one
and what do i want from my santa..? hmmmm.......

i know! this fancy hilichurl! (from genshin impact)

Please make my skin anything like some of My Favourites (ignore MY skins)
I kinda just want something with a cloak

For my secret Santa, I'd like something inspired from the vibes these images give you:

I don’t want anything in particular, just something that would make me happy. You can perhaps check my profile to get some ideas. Thank you <3
74Half Glaceon
i want a skin of a half human half glaceon being, the halfs split in a |, like human|glaceon, iit will be standing like a human, the human side will be brown and have black hair, and a white shirt,
I'd like one of those 3 options: a skin of claude from gta 3, a reshade of my most downloaded skin (only if you can actually improve it lmao), something inspired by metal (like a character from the album cover or something, you can ask what I'm into) or something based 😏.

Basically I want to be surprised while also getting something I'd like lol
www.tiktok.com/@build_your_outfit_/video/6884603203241970949?sender_device=pc&sender_web_id=6873348072089896454&is_from_webapp=1 <------------------------------------------- impression
Oh a boy with the clasic 8bit colours style
With a hoddie
And some ripped jeans.
Dont get kill
ok so some sort of mandalorian style skin from star wars
except with like yellow and blue highlights

sort of image for reference i guess

Happy with anything pastel or including my favourite colour :D (a6e2b8)
Thank you!
As for what I would like: A kitty girl in a wintery dress with fur trim would be cute! Pick whatever colours you want and get creative! Thanks! :D
Something cute and wintery would be fun! My only request is to use my unofficial persona (link here ) which is just the face and hair, HOWEVER, you're free to reshade that to your liking!

Also if the main colour could be pastel pink that would be very nice, but you don't have to if that doesn't fit your idea! Thank you! <3
I'd like an androgenous/masculine flower druid, the colour pallette is blue, purple and green, for the rest, go ham! do whatever you like!
I'd like to join also

What I'd like is just a male skin with brown hair, blue jeans, and a red hoodie

good luck! :D
Though, as for what I want in a skin, I honestly just wanna see the colors black and red in a skin since those are my favorite colors. You can make anything from knights, monsters, to teens, I just wanna see the colors black and red used :)
I’d love to see a skin of Padmé in her Geonosis attire; here’s a reference. However I’d be happy with anything either Star Wars related or Christmas related if you prefer :)

87Exo Blue
anyways I want a skin I can add to my community creations collection that fits this theme. "that's the sound of the power dropping below 5%, sir."
I'd love it if my secret santa made a skin based on the night city aesthetic. It's a bit generic, I know, but feel free to go wild with it (:

As for what i want in a skin, I just want something pastel. Half animal hybrids are okay (Like my axolotl persona)
As I skin, I would appreciate a blue nebula looking skin. And whomever is my Santa I do not know how to link pictures but on google you will get good results.

(number bar is just for me dw)

Participation Trophy

  UPDATE! We are using MY SERVER for this event now! I highly suggest joining this server because it will make my, and your, life so much easier. So if you want to enjoy some Christmas wholesome fun or join a server with amazing people to talk to: click this link :)
disclaimer: this is not just for the secret santa, if you want to join the server but aren't affiliated with the event feel free!


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12/27/2020 8:37 pm
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Did my santa even bother to make their skin?
12/28/2020 10:49 am
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12/25/2020 11:51 pm
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so late im so sorry i forgot to post it earlier qwq

but Merry christler Retrospects https://www.planetminecraft.com/skin/star-guardian-soraka-secret-santa/

i almost said happy birthday instead lOl
12/25/2020 4:52 pm
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12/30/2020 2:36 am
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I prefer Pigs_are_Gr8 as that was m original account but i lost my password and swapped editions sooo
12/25/2020 4:51 pm
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Who got my request (Black Clover)? I can't even find you!
12/25/2020 4:22 pm
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12/25/2020 1:01 pm
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12/25/2020 12:30 pm
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🎁 Done! 🎁
12/25/2020 9:48 am
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12/25/2020 7:39 am
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My gift for Ang333

Sorry if i can't tag you on mobile i can't ;-;

But anyway i hope you like it
12/25/2020 6:49 am
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12/25/2020 4:13 am
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12/25/2020 4:11 am
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12/25/2020 1:42 am
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My Christmas present to NovaWolfSkull

Wishing you guys a Very Merry Christmas!
Hope you guys have a wonderful day!
12/25/2020 1:08 am
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12/24/2020 11:06 pm
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12/24/2020 10:56 pm
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Posted mine
12/24/2020 8:28 pm
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@ryleigh secret Santa I hope you like it
12/24/2020 12:16 pm
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12/24/2020 11:49 am
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12/03/2020 1:09 pm
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Exo Blue
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90 participants...
12/03/2020 6:56 pm
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canday avatar
yes :,)
12/04/2020 5:50 pm
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Exo Blue
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I am trying to remember my password so I can go on this account on a different computer but if I don't send the new account, which will be named mini crew mate if that name isn't taken by the time I switch accounts, give me the same secret santa as this account
12/02/2020 6:17 pm
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I want to join but I'm terrible at skinning
12/02/2020 6:18 pm
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canday avatar
a little too late :,)
12/02/2020 6:24 pm
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I didn't notice the signup deadline, guess I'll participate next year if there is one next year
12/02/2020 6:26 pm
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sounds good!
12/02/2020 6:02 pm
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to daibanana, glasshopper, Shadedfire, BlocklyCow, Ariole, Exo Blue, Imaguy121: your dms will come around tomorrow as PMC says I have hit the 24 hour message limit sooooo-
But! if you DM me about it I think I can give you the result
12/02/2020 7:20 pm
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Also are we allowed to use shading templates?
12/03/2020 7:21 am
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If you give credit to the template you used
12/04/2020 8:27 pm
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12/03/2020 1:08 pm
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Exo Blue
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hey who was my secret Santa it December 3rd
12/02/2020 5:43 pm
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People he has to dm about 80 people
12/02/2020 5:16 pm
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Half Glaceon
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canday where is the dms?
12/02/2020 5:31 pm
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Same question here lol
12/02/2020 3:15 pm
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I have a question you will send our secret santa in the botoon that say mesage on our profile or how do we know
12/02/2020 4:55 pm
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I will DM you in a moment your assignment :)
12/02/2020 5:21 pm
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Ok it wil be on the mesage right
12/01/2020 9:10 pm
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As I skin, I would appreciate a blue nebula looking skin. And whomever is my Santa I do not know how to link pictures but on google you will get good results.
12/02/2020 7:34 am
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Thank you! I will add your description in a bit <3
12/01/2020 7:48 pm
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12/01/2020 6:21 pm
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I know I'm insanely late buuut I'd love it if my secret santa made a skin based on the night city aesthetic. It's a bit generic, I know, but feel free to go wild with it (:


12/02/2020 7:27 pm
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It’s not that generic a night-city aesthetic is cool
12/01/2020 5:16 pm
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Ahhh suspense
I can’t wait to be a Santa tomorrow
12/01/2020 5:56 pm
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yessss :))
12/01/2020 3:26 pm
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Exo Blue
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it's December 1st so I can join right? anyways I want a skin I can add to my community creations collection that fits this theme. "that's the sound of the power dropping below 5%, sir."
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