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What Can I Improve On?

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created 08/17/2019 2:48 am by Marma
last reply 08/18/2019 5:29 am
I just want to see what people think on what I can Improve on with my skins. :3

Poll ended 08/24/2019 2:48 am.

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Level 42 : Master Kitten

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14 replies

08/17/2019 7:01 pm
Level 13 : Journeyman Miner
I feel like you could improve on a bit of everything (like mostly everyone ;'P) but the main odd thing I notice just at a glance is the colours you use. Some of your skins like this skin, have really nice colours, they're similar in a nice way. The fact they're spread around evenly throughout the skin is also quite nice to look at.

But other skins are a different story. This skin looks really off. The colours seem as though they're picked at random. The light green and dark brown seem to be meshing not very nicely. I also notice rather than evenly putting the colours throughout the skin looks very separated, her head being one piece and her body being another. I also notice you use two totally different reds, which is quite odd. Accent colours are very important in my opinion (but some pieces can look good regardless) and I feel as though it might look better with a single accent colour for both and a bit more evenly distributed.

I'm not the best at explaining things but hopefully this helps^^
08/17/2019 7:15 pm
Level 42 : Master Kitten
Thanks! People seem to want me to improve on colours which I am working on.

The off-coloured looking skin is an oc of mine and I personally prefer my ocs to look odd-colour wise. But I can improve on other skins that aren't personal for sure!
Also, can you please explain by two different reds? :3
Thanks for the advice! :3
08/18/2019 2:30 am
Level 13 : Journeyman Miner
Yeah; I don't really see a problem with not changing your colours, it's obviously just my opinion haha

by two different reds I mean the bow on the tail and the red thing on the side of their head (I assume it's a rose but I'm not too sure;;) looking to be two different reds. I feel like the skin would look nicer if you maybe find a red in between the two colours and put them around the skin! Again, it's just my opinion on how I think it'll look, so you don't have to change anything^^
08/18/2019 5:29 am
Level 42 : Master Kitten
Actually, it's a carrot on the side of the head. xD But thank you, though.
08/17/2019 7:20 amhistory
Level 67 : High Grandmaster Button Pusher
With skinning (or art in general) the answer is usually that everything can be improved. Learning different styles etc. can always be beneficial and never stops being something you can improve at (:.

Improvement is not easy to measure and can come in different shapes and sizes. I'll try to just briefly go through a few things.

Shading: your shading currently is very standardized - in the sense that you use the same template shading, no matter what the design is. Generally this is not a good thing - as shading should be used to represent shadows and highlights. To create a texture. Template shading, for the most part does not do that. My tip here is to think, what is the reason you shade (depth? creating interesting variation? design-choices? etc.) and what shading, at its core, actually is.

Colouring: Your colours currently suffer from low contrast issues. This matters because without contrast, or awareness of it, your shading will suffer. This is not to say you can't do well without contrast, but it's an advantage to know when to apply it and when you shouldn't.

I want to bring up another thing: Blending. Many of your skins have palettes that mesh together. This creates a blurry effect, that does not seem to be intended. This is usually not a good thing, as being unable to read your skin, makes the design go to waste.

Another thing you might want to look into is how your palettes value/saturation/hue (or RGB) should change throughout your skin. Sometimes your skins need more hue shifting, sometimes it might be worth it not to hue shift much, if at all. These are all things I'd recommend looking at.

Design: I don't see much problem here, if you want to keep doing teen skins exclusively. Teen skins are great, for the reason, that we can reuse design-assets several times, but get something new from it regardless. That being said, if you want to branch out, definitely give some creative designs a chance. Maybe venture into hat-layers and less human designs sometime, those are always fun c:

Uploading more is the one thing I don't think you need to look at: Upload at your own pace. Rather really well thought-out good skins at a lower rate than many lower-effort skins at a high constant rate.
08/17/2019 6:33 pm
Level 42 : Master Kitten
Yeah, I'm always looking for new ways to share. I can always use the shading I use now for my own personal skins and work on a shading that more pmcers will enjoy! (Although, I wonder how crazy I'll go with shading pratice..)

For the colours, I like my skins and entire universe all pastels and I am trying to make them more.. "bright", less saturated. But not to the point where they're neon. I can 100% P ratice my colours when practicing shadings!~ (I sense a bunch of uploads in the future~)

And I totally see the blending thing.. I think it's from using the same kind of pastel things.. I can add accent colours to really help things stand out. I could probably also use a bit more of intense skin shading in certain areas to help define parts. Definitely am very exicted to pratice~

I also wasn't aware I made teen skins. xD not that's it's an issue. Nice to know the type of skins I make, definitely! I unfortunately to not enjoy making non human skins, which is why I try nekos, wolves, bears, ect. To see what I can really come up with to make hybrids.

I do want to upload more but I'd rather take the time on making skins look good for sure! :3

Thank you very much for the advice! This is definitely helpful. :3 (sorry if my typing is odd, on mobile atm.)
08/17/2019 4:12 amhistory
Level 43 : Master Professor
Peridot XJ9
Maybe try out some skin variants other than teens like animals, mythical creatures, items around your house, or even just characters from cartoons or movies! It can be fun to move out of your comfort zone sometimes and try different things to skin in the long run. Your shading and colors are fine, so I believe you can do it! :D
08/17/2019 5:09 am
Level 42 : Master Kitten
I could definitely try the mythical creatures! Haven't done many fairies, elves, or simply, mythical things! I don't exactly enjoy making animals unless it's an anthropomorphic. But those are definitely good ideas! Thank you very much!
08/17/2019 7:15 amhistory
Level 11 : Journeyman Mage
Amy Owl
Maybe you'll like Steampunk style for skins?
08/17/2019 6:26 pm
Level 42 : Master Kitten
I absoloutely LOVE steampunk!~ I should definitely make more steamounk based skins... could be fun to see what I can do with the style. I'm getting handfuls of ideas already!~
08/17/2019 6:58 am
Level 32 : Artisan Geek
Here is a great video about hue shifting for your palettes.
08/17/2019 7:02 am
Level 42 : Master Kitten
Thanks! Even though it's for drawing and not skinning I'll still take a look at it! I definitely could improve with pastel colours, (since that all I really enjoy using xD) But thankies chu for the video! It will definitely be useful in the future or for whenever I need it. :3
08/17/2019 6:26 am
Level 1 : New Crafter
@ Pastel colored EVERYTHING

Wait you do that already, I think you're doing fine! <3 :D
I do want to agree with Peridot though. Do a little leg stretching with other creatures :D You could do like... pretty pink zombie! Or lavender teddy bear!
08/17/2019 6:56 am
Level 42 : Master Kitten
Yeah, pastels are great. ❤ I just sadly don't enjoy doing non-human skins. But I do like to incorporate aspects of them! (I try to go off of irl drawings which can help!) I just wish I could put more detail sinto skins. But sadly we're confined to pixels. Oh, well. Thankies chu, though! :3

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