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(16+) (JAVA, PC) Looking to put together a machinima group to make comedy skits, long term series, etc! for youtube.

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created 07/18/2019 12:24 am by NovaBoxGames
last reply 08/06/2019 10:18 am
Hey, I'm Novabox. I'm 20 years old, With over 6 years youtube experience.

Minecraft seems to have boomed into popularity again, So i thought it would be a good time to start my childhood dream of having a professional machinima team!

My channel:

We will be making many one-off comedy videos and story driven series. (Seedlings is a good example.)

I would like to meet other like minded individuals and put together a team of video creators who are proficient in Machinima production


Must have Machinima experience (Voice acting, Camera work, Writing, Modding, etc.)

Must be over 16 years old and committed to projects.

Reply below with your discord and preferred role, and i'll hit you up.
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3 replies

08/06/2019 10:18 am
Level 35 : Artisan Giraffe
chewits#6562 I'm interested in this
08/06/2019 12:57 amhistory
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I am a voice actor, body actor, writer, cameraman, director, and editor.
I have two MC accounts at my disposal and experience with directing, filming and editing Minecraft Machinimas
As well as loosely scripted roleplay survival series. My hardware and software are Fraps, a Blue Snowball Mic, Audacity and Movie studio Platinum 13 Just turned 24 and my Discord info is Deadbread #5601.

I have a passion for storytelling and I see Minecraft as one of the best creative mediums to do so. I am very much looking forward to finding a team of people who's skills all compliment one another and who can have fun while being highly productive. Over the years and many accounts I have lost much of my collaborative work but I do have examples of my work as reference if necessary.
07/18/2019 6:26 am
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PrinceElliotYT#9899 , I'd love to be a Voice actor and maybe a actor. I am 16. :)

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