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⚔️ AdventurerMC RPG ⚔️ Looking for Builders, Writers and Developers ⚔️ Apply now! ⚔️

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created 07/09/2019 6:09 pm by ExtraVintage history
last reply 07/20/2019 9:45 pm
width=945Hey, I'm Princey. I am one of the founders of this project. First of all, I would like to welcome you and thank you for reading this post so far, it is greatly appreciated. At this moment in time, we are only for a few staff to start the development of the server. We do not currently have an age restriction or requirement, but we do ask that those who apply to have a higher level of maturity, we are a professional server startup and wish to maintain a formal image in the eyes of the community.

Discord is a REQUIREMENT for all staff applicants, this is how we will contact you to notify you about the result of your application. Discord is also heavily utilized to organize our community and staff team in a professional manner.

Builders - Builders are directly responsible for constructing the server's most valued landmarks of all shapes and sizes and must be able to work in small or large teams to contribute to the overall design of the server.

Lore Writers - Lore Writers are a fundamental aspect of our server. They are best and brightest who write our storyline, various quests and then rest of the exciting adventure that players journey on. Utilising their creativity as writers, they essentially bring the world to life.

Developers - Plugin developers or plugin makers must be proficient in the Java coding language so that they are able to create Spigot plugins with functions and/or mechanics unique to the server.

Those with this role will also be responsible for configuring current and future plugins as well as keeping them up to date/troubleshooting any issues that may occur with said plugins.

Form -

Discord -

Once you have applied please reply to this post to notify us, we will put your application under review which might take a day for your application to be reviewed by a member of the development team.
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2 replies

07/20/2019 9:45 pm
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The post has been updated, in now includes a link to the discord server and an updated form.
07/18/2019 1:51 am
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Hey I applied, looking forward to your response. Server looks awesome!! :D :P

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