[Aniworks] Anime/Manga Network - Recruiting new team members for Solo Leveling server.

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Aniworks started 04/09/2020 2:30 am history
and replied 04/15/2020 5:15 pm

Hello everyone! I am glad to announce that the start of the network has officially started! For quite some time I have been searching for a Minecraft network that is fully dedicated in hosting Anime themed Minecraft servers. There weren't really a solid network that currently still exists, so I would like to announce that I will be creating the new upcoming Anime Network for the fans by the fans! The servers that the server may contain are not only limited to animes, but also consisting manga's, manwha's and webtoons! Of course this is a very ambitious project and will be a slow setup. I do believe however it is possible to slowly grot this server into a full fledged Minecraft network with various types of anime/manga themed Minecraft servers!

The main goal of the network, it not to fully develop many servers. It's goal is to create a network, is to create a community where all fans can interact with each other while playing on their favorite themed server. I strive to listen to the requests of the player base and hope to a place where there are no aspects of pay to win. All of the hard work I am putting into this project, is all done with my previous experiences and some funds out of my own pocket.

I do hope I can pique some of you guys interests and hope to maybe see you soon and work together on this project.


Because I am working on this project on my own as of right now, when I posted this thread. I am searching for some new team members who are willing to give this project all they have to offer regards time and dedication.
There are various types of team positions available to apply for, currently are the following available:

Applications with formats: [​Helpers]
and [​Content Creators];

Applications without formats: [​Developers]
and [Mods]+;

The positions with preset formats, are generally easier to get accepted into the team. Applications without any formats, means those are meant to be open applications. The applicant is free to use what ever they think is necessary to provide information towards the recruiter of Aniworks, to get accepted. (Open applications may be send towards Evermillion, the owner of this new upcoming Network).

Furthermore, there is a position of Content Creator available, but what exactly is this position?
Well to quite give you the impression, any assignment/tasks that is able to provide content towards the development of the server can be a content creator. This may vary from building, creating textures for resource/texturepacks, 3D modeling, configurations of monsters, custom items, skills, storylines with quests, shops and graphical content.
Any position within the team is volunteer based. There will be no payment towards the team members.

No experience needed for Content Creator - Configurator!

Yes you read it correctly. There is no experience required if you would like to apply as a beginner towards being a config configurator. You may get the chance to learn how to do the basics of configurations and then eventually join the team as a full fledged team member, after you have finished your traineeship.

The traineeship will require you to be dedicated, willing to learn and proactive. Bear in mind that this will ask a lot of your own responsibility in order to gain more experience in the area you want to apply for.

Interested? Click on the button down below to head towards our application forums. (Discord invite can be found on the bottom of this thread).


Keep in mind, this Minecraft Network is a super early work in progress project! There may be flaws to be found on both the forums and discord. Please do not mind them :)
For any questions, you may go to our discord server and ask your questions in the #general text channel. Please refrain from sending a DM to the Founder (Evermillion) of this project. Only important like open applications may go through DM.

Website/forums: https://www.aniworks.xyz/
Discord: https://discord.gg/mBfv6ve

Good luck with writing your application if you tend to do so. Keep in mind, I encourage you to read the requirements carefully.
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Level 1 : New Network

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04/15/2020 5:15 pm
Level 1 : New Network
We are still looking for potential team members!
04/13/2020 6:27 pm
Level 1 : New Network
Moderator positions are closed. Others are still open!
04/12/2020 4:49 pm
Level 1 : New Network
We are still accepting applications!
04/11/2020 3:50 pm
Level 1 : New Network
Recruitment is still open! Looking for more potential team members.

Having experience for the Content Creator position isn't necessarily required!
04/10/2020 7:22 pm
Level 1 : New Network
We are still looking for team members!
04/09/2020 1:56 pm
Level 1 : New Network
All above stated positions are open!
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