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AnnwnRP | Looking for Plugin Help/Script Writer | QuestCreator

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created 08/09/2019 7:46 pm by DoctorBlanket
Hey there! I'm currently looking for someone to code some quests for me in QuestCreator. It will be for my server AnnwnRP (You can check out the website at if you'd like).
It is a fairly simple job, and QuestCreator is pretty easy to use. Although I am capable of coding the quests on my own, I have a lot on my plate atm and could use the extra help.

-Basic coding/developer knowledge
-A discord and the ability to talk on voice chat (for the sake of my sanity)

You will be expected to code one complete quest being done including multiple branches, npcs, and items as applicable. The current quest I need done will include one npc, 5+ branches (they will be simple), and reward items for completion of quest depending on branch.

How to apply:
-Add me on discord at DoctorBlanket#1801 and lmk that you're applying for the quest coding job.
-Provide any examples of previous work if applicable.
-Conduct an interview with me.
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