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Arcanum Looking for staff

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created 08/17/2019 6:19 am by CookieMellow
Arcanum is currently looking for staff for its server. We are a server that is going to based around kingdom wars and we are looking for staff that are interested in helping us plan, design and produce the server. Each staff member will give given roles that meet their strengths and even be partnered up with like minded staff that are willing to help.

Staff will be required to:- Active during most hours of the week.- Interested in learning, developing new skills and helping out in various areas.- Capable of working both independantly and as a team.- Be mature
We are willing to give people a go of whom may not have much previous experience as staff but are willing to have a go and learn whilst in their position

If you are interested in becoming a staff member on our server or would like more information on the roles themselves please contact me on discord [CookyMellow#3426] or join the server discord and contact me through there

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