[Building a Team] Builders, Developers, Writers Please Apply!

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_Frozetic started 11/22/2019 3:11 am
and replied 12/01/2019 4:09 pm
Destabilize Minecraft
Minecraft Creation Team

RPG Server Build

We are looking to add members to our creation team! Currently, we are working on a new RPG server and we could really use some help from the community! DMC-RP is a custom rpg experience we are attempting to bring to life in Minecraft. Through the use of a custom texture pack, scripting, and some helpful plugins, we hope to create a unique experience anyone with an unmodded, vanilla client. We've got a great start to our world, but we need help to really make it a reality! Please apply in the comments, or the discord below, if you want to join our team, and help us in this, and many more projects!

We are looking for
Writers to help write the lore for our world.
[​1 - 2 Positions]
Builders to help us create a beautiful world to play in.
[​3 - 6 Positions]
Developers to bring the world to life with custom plugins.
[​1 - 2 Positions]

Application Format

Minecraft Username:
Position Applying:
Favorite RPG:

My Discord: Frozetic#3992
^^You may apply here^^
Or in the comments below
Current Project Pictures

I am looking for mature, dedicated players to help on this project. Please be self-sufficient if you wish to apply, I want players who are interested in the project as a whole and want to see it some to life.
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12/01/2019 1:36 pm
Level 1 : New Toast
IGN: alexdapineapple
Age: young
Position Applying: Writer
Experience: trying to get some
Favorite RPG: does Paper Mario count?
12/01/2019 4:09 pm
Level 25 : Expert Zombie
Hey! Thank you for applying, add me on discord when you can :)

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