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Considering taking on an admin position?

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created 09/11/2019 7:21 pm by Five_Diamonds
We have learned that the quote from the movie Field of Dreams, "If you build it, they will come" doesn't apply to MineCraft servers. There's a lot more to it than there appears. There's vote sites, plug-in configurations, permissions, world creation, and a plethora of difficult tasks involved that an individual just can't handle on their own. Five Diamonds is a MineCraft server that is needing players, but more importantly, we need an admin (in the very near future) that has enough time to help do things that one person with a profession can't handle on their own.

As a server admin for Five Diamonds, your duties will include:

Establishing and maintaining a social media presence (twitter, facebook, etc)
Maintaining information on Vote Sites (such as Planet Minecraft) with up-to-date information, and configuring/updating the voting plugin
Updating and maintaining our website on Enjin (unless you know of a better web host)
Promoting our server on vote sites, and by other digital means to get new players to the server

As a server admin for Five Diamonds, you may need to assist in moderation duties, such as banning serious rule violators, enforcing server rules (that you will also be expected to follow), restoring griefing, and helping new players learn how to do things (such as claiming land).

Ultimately, our goal is to create a safe and unique experience by listening to our players and making attempts to provide them with the features they would like, in order to foster the mindset that our server is their server also. We want a community of friends from all walks of life to feel welcome.

So, how does one apply? Send the current admin an email ( They'll be glad to help you with any questions you have, as a massive weight will be taken off the shoulders. Please provide the following information. You will also find it beneficial to play on our server, to get a feel for what's available to players who aren't admins.

What is your age? (adults preferred but maturity is key to any business relationship)
How much time per week you have to administrate the server? (youre welcome to play also)
What time spans are you available to engage other players?
Tell us about your previous admin or mod experience. (experience preferred but not required)
What are your plans for scheduling tasks? (good organizational skills are a plus)
Do you know anything about Java or how plugins work and are configured?
What improvements can you provide or recommend to make a server great?

By sending an email, you are not guaranteed an admin position. The offer will be left open for 3-4 weeks to give players a chance to apply, and discuss the position further. However, feel free to play in the meanwhile. Hours played will be taken into consideration more than an applicant who has put no time into our server.
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