Dawn of Time mod needs YOU ! Recruiting java developers

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Dear Planet Minecraft members,

  TheGoldenWorld writing here, I’m one of the two fondator (with Poulpinou) of the Dawn of Time mod Discover our mod. If I’m here it’s because we have been stuck in the development of the mod for nearly one year. Yeah it’s been one year that our community is waiting for a new release ! The situation is getting quite urgent now, so, let me explain.

Poulpinou and I aren't developers at all but we always tried our best to create interesting blocks, behavior and features. Sadly, recent minecraft updates modified some parts of the code of the game and affected some blocks we created. For exemple our japanese table needs a synchronisation between client and servers to render its content. Many of our blocks have unique functionalities and updating to a new version of minecraft takes a lot of time. We don't want to release a half-mod !

It comes to my presence here. We are looking for someone that already worked on a mod or has the essential basis of Java and is used with it. You will get a central part of a growing mod, already downloaded 120 000 times on curse forge. Also you will be a part of an active community of 500 discord members. It’s been one year that we are trying to solve this so you will be considered like some kind of angel falling from the sky !

  Since our mod is quite ambitious you will be free to stay to keep helping us on all the other stuff we are creating (and oh boy it’s epic !!). Anyway, even if you don’t have the qualifications we are requesting, could you please send this message to someone that may be have those skills :p

Add me on discord if you're interested in this proposal : TheGoldenWorld #9905

Or you can just join our Discord and tell us you come from here : Discord link

Our Git Hub :link´╗┐


DoT teams.
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