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WhatsUpBlocks8/31/22 1:07 pm
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11/16/2022 6:29 pm
Kaiser Tyranas
So basically Microsoft recently(ish) added chat reporting, or player reporting to Minecraft. With the "promise" that they would actually carefully look into every case. But that has not shown to be the case. For example, famous YouTuber rekrap2 was playing Minecraft as per his usual when BAM!! He got banned. Apparently, some hater decided to file a false report. rekrap was utterly innocent of the accusations. But he got banned for what seems to be for good, anyway. This leads us to believe that Microsoft does not look into anything at all. They just go right on and instantly ban anyone who gets reported without looking into it. Why would they do this? Do you ask? It's simple. Because it's easy and they don't see it as slowing down their income of mountains of money. They also do not cancel people's realm subscriptions when they ban them from multiplayer, and they also do not provide a way for them to do so in their accounts. Forcing people to cancel it through a back door, via their credit card company. With that being pretty bad, it's also never ever a good idea anyway to add a way to report players in the first place. While it might fix some things from a certain point of view, it creates a very toxic community. Case in point, Roblox. Roblox has almost always had a report players system, as time goes, on the community becomes more and more toxic for the most part. This is just what happens when you add player reports, people, especially younger people in the audience are highly susceptible to abusing the report system, when someone gets mad at another player for whatever reason maybe they said "yo mama fat" or maybe they single-handedly dismantled your entire Bed Wars team of pro players. When someone gets mad in a game with reports they get highly tempted to abuse the system, which I do get, we're all human. We all have our problems, mental instabilities, and general insecurities. But this means that the last thing we need is temptation, Roblox has shown this, more than a thousand of you have probably played a PVP game on Roblox and encountered someone who has told you something along the lines of "stop killing me or I'll report u". This begins happening not just in Roblox but in any game when you add player reporting. When people can report each they simply will abuse it sometimes, it's just human nature. I'm not saying reports should not be allowed anywhere but they should not be on an entire game scale level. It needs to be at the discretion of the owner of the individual game or server owner to decide whether to do so or not. I will now give you another example of a game now, Warframe. Warframe does not have player reporting and has promised to never add it, and their community for the most part is quite nice, they go with each and help out in groups, and they're pretty respectful for the most part. This is simply what happens when people don't have a system to threaten each other with, which by default makes a much nicer more desirable community, and yes the age requirement of 17 is at least half of it, not having a player reports system helps a lot as well. In games like Minecraft, Among Us, Roblox, Manticore Games, and others, reporting needs to not be a thing they have, or at least not on an entire platform level, if an owner of an individual game wants people to report hackers, that is their choice, but platform-wide reporting levels only leads to a toxic community. This happens even if the moderators of said site/platform are honest, good, nice, honorable people. Because not everyone filing reports have honor in them. Some maybe even half or most do in some cases, but when you add platform-wide reports it just does more community harm than good. This is because it gives players something to threaten each other with. This makes the community more toxic, and then there are the kinds of players who go server and game hopping reporting everyone on the server or game for something they didn't do because they think it's funny. This is an entire second issue. This is one of the main reasons why what Microsoft is doing with the reports is so bad, because many people will/are gonna/are getting banned because some random person thought was funny to falsely claim that they leaked the reporter's IP. The person who did always finds it funny, but all they do is cause pain for the person who did nothing wrong but still got permanently banned from a game they purchased. The worst part of it is, it's all Microsoft's fault that this is happening they added the platform-wide reports in the first place, which like I said if you want to actually have a good nice community to play with going in one that can use platform-wide reports as a threat is a very wrong way to go about it. Even if the moderators are good and have actual true justice for players on their platform forged from actual true evidence. Now you might argue to add a report filter, for a while some platforms tried this, but there's just only so much that a filter can do without making the reports unable to be filed for anyone at all. So the solution is, to leave it to the individual modder, developer, server owner, or whatever it is. That is how you have a good community. Thank you so very much for reading, this is a pretty long bit of text, and if you made it to the end, I applaud you. You have a good sense of focus. 😃 Now for the poll after having gotten this information, maybe you already knew this, maybe not. Do you think that Microsoft ruined Minecraft? Or do you not really care because you don't play in places where you could be exposed to these dangers anyway? Vote in the poll below, I can't wait to hear your lovely thoughts on the issue. Do you agree? Do you disagree? Why, or why not? Thank you! 🥰

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08/31/2022 1:23 pm
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It doesn't matter as much as people think it does, it sure is bad but most servers have chat reporting disabled anyways and no one played realms even before it was added

This really just means that it's not a good idea to join servers you don't trust to avoid bad actors but you shouldn't join unknown servers in the first place because ip loggers have been around for a millenia

Also there are chat report bypasses being found constantly so its not nearly as damaging as people believe it is.
08/31/2022 1:24 pm
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from what ive seen the past few years im guessing minecraft is trying to become roblox 2
11/16/2022 6:29 pmhistory
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Kaiser Tyranas
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Sadly, I'd disagree. If Microsoft never took control. Minecraft would rarely, if ever, been updated. So we take it as it is. We can summon on the memories of the self ran Mojang MC days. But in truth, the game would get stale without being updated as time would drag on.
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