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Disneyland / Theme Park server HIRING STAFF!

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created 11/09/2019 12:31 am by Disneyland1955
Hi, i own a Minecraft server called Magical Parks, We are building and creating a 1:1 recreation of Disneyland Resort & a custom park. I'm currently looking for people to hire on the server we're looking for the following roles

Cast Member - (Manages chat / Help's guests & organises activity's)

Imagineer - (Builds & outlines 1:1 scale buildings & rides / Create unique experiences with the various theme park plugins)

Developer - (Create custom plugins / Develop shows & implement technology to rides & attractions)

We are also looking for some lead roles including managers for all our roles those roles will be in charge of the various departments on the server

If you think you'd be perfect for any of these positions please contact me via discord - Pestered#1326
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