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☐ Happy Cube ☐ - We need your help! ►(Currently recruiting) ◄

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created 08/20/2019 12:26 pm by HappyCube history
Introducing the newest server to the community....!



Our Concept


We are a small team looking to expand, with new Creators for this project. Happy Cube is an upcoming unique project built community, with helpful staff, enjoyable and different game modes, offering more than just a place to play, a community to be a part of, your ideas matter to us.

We the owners, otherwise known as Head-Cubelets are two guys with several years of experience, within IT, Business, Minecraft server development and management. But experience is not as important to us here at Happy Cube, the motivation, creative and unique ideas, and wanting to play a part in this community is what we search for, both in players and staff.
We look forward to seeing you onboard soon!


We need you!


We are looking for more people interested in our project, and we want you to join!

Creators with or without experience

If this project sounds interesting to you then keep scrolling down!


Our Minimum Requirments


To ensure we get the perfect matches for our team, we have a small list of minimum requirements.

- You are at least 16+

- You are willing to be an active part of this project

- You are mature, friendly and helpful in all situations

- You are ready to take on responsibility and make decisions by yourself

If you are still reading and this project still sounds interesting to you then we want to hear from you!

Apply here

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