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HeldenMC started 03/20/2020 2:00 am
owahai replied 03/26/2020 1:46 pm
Hi everyone,

HeldenMc, my new and upcoming survival server is looking to expand our team by hoping we can bring onboard passionate builders, quest writers, and In-game testers with a strong passion for gaming, that will benefit the community.

You will get to work with an innovative small team that is extremely eager to push the limits of the community and is constantly working towards our goal of releasing our server within the next month.
We have custom content on the way, that requires lots of work so the more help we receive the quicker we can relay it back into the community.

Some examples of the projects you'll be doing:

* Builders: Helping finish server spawn with me, creating multiple 'natural' dungeons to spread around our server that everyone will see and many more.
* Quest Writers: As our server will be heavily quest reliant you'll constantly be creating new storylines, jobs and custom content that will be spread throughout the survival world.
*In-game Testers: Your role is to help test our custom plugins, test all in-game and donor ranks, server permissions and more.

This is a full-time position, you will be be given a rank on our server and will work closely with the rest of our staff members. This is for open-minded lovers of survival servers. You do not have to be professional, or have any experience however any help is greatly appreciated.

To apply with us!

Reply to this forum with the following information about yourself:

1. IGN:
2. Discord:
3. Role you're interested in:
4. (Builder) Are you familiar with Worldedit and can you use it:
5. (All Roles) What would you say your skill level is out of 10.
6. Anything else you would like to add:

* Serious applicants only.
* Applicants MUST have an active discord account.
* Must have a passion for your role!
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03/25/2020 11:01 am
Level 1 : New Crafter
IGN: OwaHai (same as PMC profile name)

Discord: OwaHai#0001
A quest writer (my writing from 1 out of 10 is 9)

Skill: 9 out of 10
No thanks.

Looking forward to writing quests!
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