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Builder needed for project

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created 06/11/2019 12:48 pm by Troller4Ever history
last reply 06/11/2019 2:06 pm
I'm creating a minigame map in which a maze is randomly generated for each level. Each maze is built up of these cells which all have a different theme. I need someone who's good at building (because I definitely suck at it) and has some Minecraft experience (a basic knowledge of command blocks would come in handy, but is not required) .
You need to be able to make small (themed) builds.
If you're interested, please comment with the following information:

-Your minecraft name
-Timezone (Highest chance if a European timezone: BST, CEST or EEST)
-Proof of your skills (Links to images/maps)
-When did you start playing Minecraft?
-How much time do you have for this project?
-Do you have experience with command blocks? (if so, explain what you can do for example)

If you help you will be credited in the map and on the forums I'll post the map to when it's done.
Thanks in advance.
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4 replies

06/11/2019 1:26 pm
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October 3rd, 2010

As much time as needed, my schedule is fairly unpredictable so i can't give any exact hours.

I have some experience with command blocks. I can fill, tp, use online resources like mcstacker, and some cloning.

Okay so like im a maze person. I make mazes. Have been since i was 3 years old. My profile picture is a cropped picture of a maze. I'm subscribed to r/mazes. My idol is Daedalus. I've made maze maps in minecraft, and im generally known as the maze guy in build teams. I have a (very small) maze comission thing. I've made mazes on paper, on cds, on folders, digital mazes, hay mazes, mazes on furniture, lots and lots of mazes. I went into this post thinking "man i hope this person needs some mazes", and I practically fell out of my chair when I saw the actual text part. Like i've actually thought about doing this *exact* thing before. Mazes, man. Hope I can help!
06/11/2019 2:02 pmhistory
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Hi PugslyTheSecond,
Thanks for your reply. You seem to be very motivated, especially when it comes to mazes, this makes you someone I really need to help me. I've taken the time to take a look at your map and it looks neat (It's quite coincidental that the lobby looks quite alot like the one I'm working on for this map). I was a bit worried at first because your minecraft name is not written down anywhere in the map itself or on the minecraftmaps page, but your name is inside of the playerdata of the map, so that's not a problem. If you can, please add me on Discord: MrTroller4Ever#0550, I'll send you the server ip and we'll meet up there.
06/11/2019 2:06 pm
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I sent a friend request on discord! DeuxiemeCarlin
06/11/2019 1:28 pm
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also yeah i can build

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